V. Shantaram Award Winners List

The V. Shantaram Award Winners List represents a diverse range of cinematic achievements, showcasing the rich talent and artistic excellence that continue to shape the world of Indian cinema

V. Shantaram Award Winners List

V. Shantaram award winners list, the V. Shantaram Award, named after the renowned Indian filmmaker V. Shantaram, is presented annually to honor outstanding contributions in the field of Indian cinema. This prestigious award recognizes individuals who have made significant achievements in various categories of filmmaking.

The winners list of the V. Shantaram Award includes prominent names from the film industry who have left an indelible mark with their exceptional talent and creativity. From legendary actors and actresses to visionary directors and producers, each recipient of the V. Shantaram Award has played a crucial role in shaping Indian cinema.

Their artistic brilliance and dedication continue to inspire future generations of filmmakers and entertain audiences worldwide.

V. Shantaram Award Winners List

V. Shantaram embarked on his film journey by undertaking various tasks at the Maharashtra Film Co., which was owned by Baburao Painter in Kolhapur. In 1921, he made his acting debut in the silent film “Surekha Haran.”

The film marked the beginning of his illustrious career in the film industry. V. Shantaram’s initial experiences and opportunities within the Maharashtra Film Co. laid the foundation for his future success as an actor, director, and producer.

This early involvement in the world of cinema allowed him to develop his skills and passion for storytelling, ultimately shaping his significant contributions to Indian cinema. V. Shantaram award winners list is given below.

Filmfare Awards List

Filmfare Awards
Role Best Director
Movie Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje
V. Shantaram Filmfare Award List

National Awards List

1972Best Feature Film in MarathiPinjra
1955All India Certificate of MeritJhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje
1964Certificate of Merit for the Third Best Feature FilmGeet Gaaya Pattharon Ne
1957President’s Gold Medal for the All India Best Feature FilmDo Ankhen Barah Haath
1955President’s Silver Medal for Best Feature FilmJhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje
1957President’s Silver Medal for Best Feature FilmDo Ankhen Barah Haath
1985Dadasaheb Phalke Award
V. Shantaram Award Winners List

About V. Shantaram

Date of Birth18-November-1901
Place of BirthKolhapur, India, Maharashtra, Kolhapur district
Also known asRajaram Vankudre Shantaram, Rajaram Vankudre, Shantaram, Vankudre Shantaram, Shantaram Rajaram Vankudre, Annasaheb, Rajaram, Rajaram V. Shantaram, राजाराम वनकुद्रे, अन्नासाहेब, राजाराम, राजाराम वीद शांताराम, वनकुद्रे शांताराम, शांताराम राजाराम वनकुद्रे, शांताराम
ProfessionFilm Director, Actor, Film Producer, Screenwriter
V. Shantaram

List of Awards Winning Films

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