BHIM UPI Banks List (Live Banks and Merchants)

The BHIM UPI Bank List includes major banks such as State Bank of India (SBI), HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Punjab National Bank (PNB), Bank of Baroda, and many more

Bhim Upi Bank List

The BHIM UPI Bank List comprises the banks in India that are integrated with the BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) UPI (Unified Payments Interface) system. BHIM UPI is a popular digital payment platform that allows users to make instant and secure fund transfers between different bank accounts using their mobile devices.

These banks provide customers with the convenience of using the BHIM UPI app to perform various transactions, including sending money, requesting payments, and paying bills. With the BHIM UPI Bank List, users have a wide range of options to choose from, ensuring that they can connect their preferred bank accounts to the BHIM UPI platform and enjoy seamless digital payment experiences.

BHIM UPI Bank List

UPI Bank/PPI Live: 445 (65-PSP &380-Issuer)

Sr. No.Bank NameDetails
1Axis BankPSP & Issuer
2Bank of BarodaPSP & Issuer
3Bank of MaharashtraPSP & Issuer
4Canara BankPSP & Issuer
5Catholic Syrian BankPSP & Issuer
6Central Bank of IndiaPSP & Issuer
7DBS DigibankPSP & Issuer
8Federal BankPSP & Issuer
9HDFC BankPSP & Issuer
10HSBCPSP & Issuer
11ICICI BankPSP & Issuer
12IDBI BankPSP & Issuer
13IDFC BankPSP & Issuer
14Indian BankPSP & Issuer
15Indian Overseas BankPSP & Issuer
16IndusInd BankPSP & Issuer
17Karnataka BankPSP & Issuer
18Karur vysya BankPSP & Issuer
19Kotak Mahindra BankPSP & Issuer
20Punjab & Sind BankPSP & Issuer
21Punjab National BankPSP & Issuer
22RBL BankPSP & Issuer
23South Indian BankPSP & Issuer
24Standard Chartered BankPSP & Issuer
25State Bank of IndiaPSP & Issuer
26TJSB BankPSP & Issuer
27UCO BankPSP & Issuer
28Union Bank of IndiaPSP & Issuer
29Yes BankPSP & Issuer
30Bank of IndiaPSP & Issuer
31City Union BankPSP & Issuer
32Jammu & Kashmir bankPSP & Issuer
33Janta Sahakari Bank PunePSP & Issuer
34Equitas small finance bankPSP & Issuer
35Airtel Payments BankPSP & Issuer
36Fino Payments BankPSP & Issuer
37Paytm Payments BankPSP & Issuer
38Bandhan BankPSP & Issuer
39Jio Payments BankPSP & Issuer
40Dhanlaxmi BankPSP & Issuer
41India Post Payments BankPSP & Issuer
42ESAF Small Finance BankPSP & Issuer
43AU Small Finance BankPSP & Issuer
44Dombivli Nagri Sahakari BankPSP & Issuer
45NSDL Payments BankPSP & Issuer
46SBM BankPSP & Issuer
47Utkarsh Small Finance BankPSP & Issuer
48Cosmos Co op BankPSP & Issuer
49The Surat Peoples Co op BankPSP & Issuer
50Jana Small Finance BankPSP & Issuer
51Tamilnad Mercantile BankPSP & Issuer
52CITI BankPSP & Issuer
53Fincare Small Finance BankPSP & Issuer
54Deutsche BankIssuer
55A P Mahesh Co-operative Urban Bank LtdIssuer
56DCB BankIssuer
57Saraswat BankIssuer
58Apna Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
59Vasai Vikas sahakari bank ltdIssuer
60Thane Bharat Sahakari BankIssuer
61Mehasana Urban co op BankIssuer
62GP ParsikIssuer
63Kalyan Janta SahakariIssuer
64Rajkot Nagrik sahakari BankIssuer
65Maharashtra Gramin BankIssuer
66Gujarat State Co-operative BankIssuer
67Hasti Co op BankIssuer
68GS Mahanagar Co op Bank(MAHANAGR BANK IN MAIN DATA BANK)Issuer
69Karnataka Vikas Gramina BankIssuer
70Andhra Pragathi Gramina BankIssuer
71Kallapanna Arwade Ichalkaranji Janata sahakari BankIssuer
72Kerala Gramina BankIssuer
73Pragathi Krishna Gramin BankIssuer
74Andhra pradesh gramin Vikas BankIssuer
75Chhatisgarh Rajya Gramin BankIssuer
76Telangana Gramin BankIssuer
77Saurashtra Gramin BankIssuer
78Meghalaya Rural BankIssuer
79Uttarakhand Gramin BankIssuer
80Jharkhand Rajya Gramin BankIssuer
81Rajasthan Marudhar Gramin BankIssuer
82Mizoram Gramin BankIssuer
83Bassein Catholic Co operative BankIssuer
84Assam Gramin Vikas BankIssuer
85Jalgaon Janta co op BankIssuer
86The Vishweshwar Sahakari Bank LimitedIssuer
87Tripura Gramin BankIssuer
88Manipur Gramin BankIssuer
89Chaitanya Godavari Gramin BankIssuer
90SVC BankIssuer
91Baroda Gujarat Gramin BankIssuer
92Baroda Rajasthan Kshetriya Gramin BankIssuer
93The Sutex Co Op BankIssuer
94NKGSB Co op BankIssuer
95Ujjivan Small Finance BankIssuer
96Baroda Uttar Pradesh Gramin bankIssuer
97Samruddhi Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
98The Varanchha Co Op Bank LtdIssuer
99Urban Co op BankLtd, DharangaonIssuer
100Suco Souharda Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
101Sarva Haryana Gramin BankIssuer
102Telangana State Co op Apex BankIssuer
103Andhra Pradesh State Cooperative BankIssuer
104Maharashtra State Cooperative BankIssuer
105Paschim Banga Gramin BankIssuer
106Bhilwara Urban Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
107Suvarnayug Sahakari Bank Ltd.Issuer
108The Udaipur Mahila Urban Co-Operative Bank Ltd.Issuer
109Maratha Cooprative Bank LtdIssuer
110The Vijay Co-operative Bank Ltd, AhmedabadIssuer
111The Udaipur Mahila Samridhi Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd.Issuer
112Prathama UP Gramin BankIssuer
113The Muslim Cooperative Bank LtdIssuer
114Hutatma Co Op Bank LtdIssuer
115Punjab Gramin BankIssuer
116Abhyudaya Co-op Bank LtdIssuer
117Nainital Bank LtdIssuer
118Himachal Pradesh Gramin BankIssuer
119The Ahmedabad Mercantile Coop bankIssuer
120The Ahmedabad District Coop bankIssuer
121Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank(Dakshin Bihar Gramin Bank )Issuer
122Adarsh Cooperative Bank LtdIssuer
123Suryoday Small Finance Bank LtdIssuer
124Shree Kadi Nagarik Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
125J & K Grameen BankIssuer
126The Municipal Co-op BankIssuer
127The Malad Sahakari BankIssuer
128The Baroda Central Co-op Bank LtdIssuer
129Kalupur Commercial BankIssuer
130Patan Nagrik Sahakari BankIssuer
131Sarvodaya Commercial Co-operative BankIssuer
132Sindhudurg Co-op BankIssuer
133Bharat Co-op Bank(mumbai)Issuer
134Vikas Souharda Co-op BankIssuer
135Shri Arihant Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
136The Udaipur Urban Co-Operative Bank Ltd.Issuer
137Sandur Pattana Souharda Sahakari BankIssuer
138Nutan NagrikSahakari BankIssuer
139The SSK Co-op BankIssuer
140The Ahmednagar Merchants Co-op Bank LtdIssuer
141The Baramati Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
142Shri Veershaiv Co-op Bank Ltd.Issuer
143The Sabarkantha district Central Coop Bank LtdIssuer
144Priyadarshini Nagari Sahakari Bank Ltd JalnaIssuer
145The Satara District Central Co-operative Bank Ltd.Issuer
146The Kaira District Central Co-Op. Bank Ltd.Issuer
147The Banaskantha District Central Co-Op. Bank Ltd.Issuer
148The Visakhapatnam Cooperative Bank Ltd.Issuer
149Bhagini Nivedita Sahakari Bank Ltd,PuneIssuer
150The Anand Mercantile Co-Op. Bank Ltd.Issuer
151Citizen Co-operative Bank Ltd – NoidaIssuer
152Shri Rajkot District Co op Bank LtdIssuer
153Krishna Bhima Samruddhi Local Area BankIssuer
154Chartered Sahakari Bank NiyamithaIssuer
155Sterling Urban Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
156Capital Small Finance BankIssuer
157Kokan Merchantile Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
158Pune Cantonment Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
159Rani Channamma Mahila Sahakari Bank BelagaviIssuer
160The Gadchiroli District Central Co-operative BankIssuer
161Fingrowth Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
162The Banaskantha Mercantile Co-operative Bank LimitedIssuer
163Bank of America NAIssuer
164Nagarik Sahakari Bank Maryadit, VidishaIssuer
165Jalna Merchant’s Cooperative Bank Ltd., JalnaIssuer
166The Darussalam Cooperative Urban Bank LtdIssuer
167The Gayatri Co-operative Urban Bank LtdIssuer
168Janaseva Sahakari Bank Ltd PuneIssuer
169Janakalyan Sahakari BankIssuer
170The Himachal Pradesh State Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
171Sri Vasavamba Cooperative Bank LtdIssuer
172Pali Urban Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
173Manvi Pattana Souharda Sahakari Bank NIIssuer
174Jivan Commercial Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
175Shree Dharati Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
176Coastal Local Area Bank LtdIssuer
177Citizens Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
178Shri Chhatrapathi Rajarsshi Shahu BankIssuer
179The Kanakmahalakshmi Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
180The Pochampally Co-operative Urban bank LtdIssuer
181The Surat District Co-op Bank Ltd.Issuer
182Yadagiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Co-Op Urban Bank LtdIssuer
183The Modasa Nagarik Sahakari Bank LimitedIssuer
184Shri Mahila Sewa Sahakari Bank LimitedIssuer
185Kolhapur District Central Co-operative Bank LimitedIssuer
186Smriti Nagrik Sahakari Bank Maryadit, MandsaurIssuer
187Indore Paraspar Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
188Samarth Sahakari Bank LimitedIssuer
189Associate Co-operative Bank Limited,SuratIssuer
190Shri Basaveshwar Sahakari Bank Niyamit, BagalkotIssuer
191The Adarsh Urban Co-op. Bank Ltd., HyderabadIssuer
192The Vallabh Vidyanagar Commercial Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
193Malviya Urban Co-operative Bank LimitedIssuer
194Sri Rama Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
195Model Co-operative Bank LimitedIssuer
196The Merchants Souharda Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
197Prime Co-operative Bank Ltd.Issuer
198Shivalik Small Finance BankIssuer
199Saibaba Nagari Sahakari Bank MaryaditIssuer
200Madhya Pradesh Rajya Sahakari Bank MaryaditIssuer
201Mann Deshi Mahila Sahkari Bank LimitedIssuer
202Shree Mahavir Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
203The New Urban Co-Operative Bank Ltd.RampurIssuer
204North East Small Finance Bank LimitedIssuer
205The Akola District Central Cooperative Bank LtdIssuer
206Irinjalakuda Town Co-Operative Bank LtdIssuer
207Surat National Co-operative Bank LimitedIssuer
208The Sirsi Urban Sahakari Bank LimitedIssuer
210The Rajkot Commercial Co op Bank Ltd.Issuer
211Sadhana Sahakari Bank Ltd PuneIssuer
212The Eenadu Coop Urban Bank LtdIssuer
213Chhattisgarh Rajya Sahakari Bank MydtIssuer
214Sardar Vallabhbhai Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
215Lonavala Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
216The Godhra Urban Coop Bank LtdIssuer
217Vaishya Nagari Sahakari Bank Ltd ParbhaniIssuer
218Kolhapur Mahila Sahakari Bank Ltd.Issuer
219Rajgurunagar Sahakari Bank Ltd.Issuer
220The Jalgaon Peoples Co-op Bank Ltd.Issuer
221Bhadradri Co-operative Urban BankIssuer
222Shree Panchganga Nagari Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
223The Kakatiya Co-operative Urban Bank LimitedIssuer
224Shri Janata Sahakari Bank Limited, HalolIssuer
225The Dahod Urban Co-operative Bank LimitedIssuer
226The Sarvodaya Nagrik Sahakari Bank LimitedIssuer
227Deogiri Nagari Sahakari Bank Ltd AurangabadIssuer
228Navi Mumbai Co-operative Bank LimitedIssuer
229Ambajogai Peoples Co-operative Bank LimitedIssuer
230Mahesh Sahakari Bank LimitedIssuer
231The Bhagyodaya Co-operative Bank LimitedIssuer
232The Khamgaon Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd,KhamgaonIssuer
233The Kolhapur Urban Cooperative Bank Ltd., KolhapurIssuer
234The Sardar Bhiladwala Pardi People’s Co-Op. Bank Ltd.Issuer
235The Saurashtra Co-operative Bank Ltd., AhmedabadIssuer
236Tirupati Urban Co-operative Bank LimitedIssuer
237The Kranthi Co-operative Urban Bank LimitedIssuer
238Rajarshi Shahu Sahakari Bank LimitedIssuer
239Karnataka Mahila Sahakara Bank NiyamithaIssuer
240The Karnataka State Co-operative Apex Bank LimitedIssuer
241Sree Charan Souhardha Co-operative Bank LimitedIssuer
242The Jamkhandi Urban Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
243Amreli Jilla Madhyastha Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
244Saraspur Nagrik Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
245The Co-operative Bank of Mehsana LtdIssuer
246The Mandvi Nagarik Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
247Jijamata Mahila Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
248Sri Sudha Cooperative Bank LtdIssuer
249The Gandhinagar Nagrik Cooperative Bank LtdIssuer
251Kankaria Mainagar Nagrik Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
252Akhand Anand Co.op Bank LtdIssuer
253The Surat Mercantile Coop Bank LtdIssuer
254Dhanera Mercantile Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
255Shri Bharat Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd JaysingpurIssuer
256Mahanagar Nagrik Sahakari Bank MaryaditIssuer
257Veerashaiva Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
258Colour Merchants Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
259The Pratap Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
260Nagrik Sahakari Bank Maryadit GwaliorIssuer
261Vaishya Sahakari Bank Ltd MumbaiIssuer
262The Agrasen Co-operative Urban Bank LtdIssuer
263The Navnirman Co-operative BankIssuer
264Dattatraya Maharaj Kalambe Jaoli SahakariIssuer
265Textile Traders Co-operative Bank LimitedIssuer
266The Junagadh Commercial Co-op Bank LtdIssuer
267Sundarlal Sawaji Urban Co-Op Bank LtdIssuer
268The Nandura Urban Coop Bank Ltd NanduraIssuer
269The Greater Bombay Co-operative Bank LimitedIssuer
270Ajanta Urban Co-Op Bank ltdIssuer
271The Thane Dist. Central Co-op. Bank LtdIssuer
272Arvind Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
273Pune Urban Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
275Deendayal Nagari Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
276Himatnagar Nagarik Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
277The Business Co-Operative Bank LtdIssuer
278Dapoli Urban Co Op Bank Ltd DapoliIssuer
280The Kodungallur Town Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
284The Gandevi Peoples Co Operative Bank LimitedIssuer
286Baran Nagrik Sahkari Bank LtdIssuer
289The Sangamner Merchants Co op Bank LtdIssuer
290Rajkot Peoples Cooperative Bank LtdIssuer
291Shree Mahalaxmi Urban Co-op Credit Bank Ltd.Issuer
292The Udupi Co-operative Town Bank Ltd – UdupiIssuer
293Shree Basaveshwar Urban Co-op Bank Ltd RanebennurIssuer
296The Chembur Nagarik Sahakari BankIssuer
297Indrayani Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
298The Commercial Cooperative Bank LimitedIssuer
299Bhavnagar District Co Op Bank LtdIssuer
300The Rajasthan State Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
301The National Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
302Shri Mahalaxmi Co-op Bank Ltd KolhapurIssuer
303The Jampeta Co-operative Urban Bank LtdIssuer
304Sudha Co-operative Urban Bank LtdIssuer
305People’s Urban Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
306The Pavana Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
307Mansing Co-operative Bank Ltd.Issuer
308Dausa Urban Cooperative Bank LtdIssuer
309Indore Premier Co-operative Bank Ltd IndoreIssuer
311The Junagadh Jilla Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
312The Kodinar Taluka Cooperative Banking Union LtdIssuer
313Ambarnath Jai Hind Cooperative Bank Ltd.Issuer
314Bicholim Urban Cooperative BankIssuer
315Bombay Mercantile Co-Op Bank LtdIssuer
316Rajarambapu Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
317Jila Sahakari Kendriya Bank Maryadit RaipurIssuer
318Jila Sahakari Kendriya Bank Mydt. DurgIssuer
319Vasai Janata Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
320The Pimpalgaon Merchants Co-Op Bank LtdIssuer
321Palus Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
322The Financial Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
323The A.P. Raja Rajeswari Mahila Co Operative Urban Bank LtdIssuer
324Kottakkal Co- Op Urban Bank LtdIssuer
325Shree Warana Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
326The Bhuj Commercial Co-Operative Bank LtdIssuer
327Akola Janata Commercial Co-Operative BankIssuer
328The Abhinav Sahakari Bank Ltd., MumbaiIssuer
329Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd, BareillyIssuer
330The Bellary District Coop Central Bank LtdIssuer
331Mahila Nagrik Sahakari Bank, MahasamundIssuer
332The Valsad District Central Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
333Guntur Urban BankIssuer
335Jodhpur Nagrik Sahakari Bank LimitedIssuer
336Vardhaman [Mahila] Co-op. Urban Bank LtdIssuer
337PDP BANK KARAD bankIssuer
339Sadhana Sahakari Bank Ltd. NagpurIssuer
340The Bhavana Rishi Co-Op.Urban BankIssuer
341The Naroda Nagarik Co-Operative BankIssuer
343Gujarat Ambuja Co-operative bank LtdIssuer
344Union Co-operative Bank Ltd.Issuer
345Navsarjan Industrial Co-Op Bank LtdIssuer
346Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd., AjaraIssuer
347Unjha Nagarik Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
348Indore Cloth Market Co-Op Bank LtdIssuer
349Karimnagar DCCBIssuer
350Chittorgarh Urban Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
351Shri Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj SahakariIssuer
352Ahmednagar Shahar Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
354Tamil Nadu State Apex Co-op Bank LtdIssuer
356The Kopargaon Peoples Co Op Bank LtdIssuer
357Prerana Co-Operative Bank LtdIssuer
358Sant Sopankaka Sahakari Bank Ltd.Issuer
359The Kukarwada Nagrik Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
360The District Co­operative Central Bank Ltd. MedakIssuer
361Shree Mahesh Co-Operative Bank Ltd NashikIssuer
362Warangal Urban Cooperative Bank LtdIssuer
363Tripura State Cooperative Bank LtdIssuer
364Arihant Urban Co-Operative Bank LtdIssuer
365Uttar Pradesh Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
366Rajadhani Co-operative Urban BankIssuer
367Godavari Urban Co-Op BankIssuer
368The Raipur Urban Mercantile Co-op BankIssuer
369Khattri Co-op BankIssuer
370Samata Co-Operative Development Bank LtdIssuer
371Mahatma Fule Urban Co-Operative Bank Ltd.Issuer
372Kashmir Mercantile Cooperative Bank Ltd.Issuer
373The Nawanagar Co Operative Bank LtdIssuer
374The Sarvodaya Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
375Guardian Souharda Sahakari Bank NiyamitaIssuer
376The Nasik Merchant’s Co-Operative Bank LtdIssuer
377Bharuch District Central Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
378The Mehsana Nagarik Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
379The Hassan DCC Bank Pvt LtdIssuer
380Amreli Nagarik Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
381The Veraval peoples Coop Bank LtdIssuer
382The Coimbatore District Central Co-op Bank LimitedIssuer
384Swatantrya Senani Late Shripal Alase (Kaka) Kurundwad Urban Co-Op Bank Ltd; KurundwadIssuer
386Mizoram Co-Operative Apex Bank LtdIssuer
387Sampada Sahakari Bank Ltd.,PuneIssuer
388The Nanded Merchants Coop Bank Ltd NandedIssuer
389Vasundhara Mahila Nagari Sahakari Bank. Ltd Ambejogai.Issuer
390Dhule Vikas Sahakari bank LtdIssuer
391The Gandhidham Co-Operative Bank LimitedIssuer
392The Lunawada peoples Cooperative Bank Ltd.Issuer
393The Uttarsanda Peoples Coop Bank Ltd UttarsandaIssuer
394The Ajara Urban Coop. bank LtdIssuer
395Kerala State Co-operative Bank LtdIssuer
396Shree Mahuva Nagrik Sahkari Bank Ltd.Issuer
397The Pudukkottai District Central Co-op Bank Ltd.Issuer
398The Sivagangai District Central Coop Bank Ltd.Issuer
399The Commercial Co-operative Bank Ltd .Issuer
400Madurai District Central Cooperative BankIssuer
401Sreenidhi Souharda Sahakari Bank NiyamithaIssuer
402Chennai Central Co-operative Bank Ltd.Issuer
403The Ramanathapuram District Central Co Op Bank Ltd.Issuer
404The Vellore District Central Co-Op Bank Ltd.Issuer
405The Cuddalore District Central Co-Op Bank LimitedIssuer
406The Villupuram District Central Co-Op Bank LtdIssuer
407The Tiruchirapalli Dist. Cent Cooperative Bank LtdIssuer
408Dindigul Central Co-Operative Bank LtdIssuer
409The Kancheepuram Central Co-Operative Bank LimitedIssuer
410The Erode District Central Co-Operative Bank LtdIssuer
411The Nilgiris District Central Coop Bank LtdIssuer
412The Tiruvannamalai District Central Coop Bank LimitedIssuer
413The Virudhunagar District Central Cooperative Bank LtdIssuer
414Dharmapuri District Central Co-Op Bank LimitedIssuer
415The Kumbakonam Central Co-Op Bank LimitedIssuer
416The Thanjavur Central Cooperative Bank Ltd.Issuer
417The Thoothukudi District Central Co-Op Bank LimitedIssuer
418The Tirunelveli District Central Co-Op Bank LtdIssuer
419The Kanyakumari District Central Cooperative BankIssuer
420Shri Adinath Co-Op Bank Ltd., IchalkaranjiIssuer
421Shree Vardhaman Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
422Sarakari Naukarara Sahakari Bank Niyamit VijayapuraIssuer
423Unity Small Finance Bank LimitedIssuer
424Vidarbha Merchants Urban Coop Bank Ltd., HinganghatIssuer
425The Chandwad Merchants Co-Op Bank Ltd.,ChandwadIssuer
426The Shahada Peoples Coop Bank LtdIssuer
427Kottayam Co-Operative Urban Bank LtdIssuer
428Shramik Nagrik Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
429M.S. Co-Operative Bank Limited.Issuer
430The Akola Urban Co-Op Bank Limited, AkolaIssuer
431Nandani Sahakari Bank Ltd. NandaniIssuer
432Shrikrishna Co-Operative Bank Ltd., UmredIssuer
433Balasinor Nagarik Sahakari Bank LtdIssuer
434ICICI BankPSP & PPI Issuer
435LivQuik Technology (India) Private LimitedPSP & PPI Issuer
436IDFC First Bank LimitedPSP & PPI Issuer
437Amazon Pay (India) Private LimitedPSP & PPI Issuer
438Spice Money LimitedPSP & PPI Issuer
439Eroute Technologies Private LimitedPSP & PPI Issuer
440Transerv LimitedPSP & PPI Issuer
441Bajaj Finance LimitedPSP & PPI Issuer
442Transcorp International LimitedPSP & PPI Issuer
443Tri O Tech Solutions Private Ltd.PSP & PPI Issuer
444PineLabs Private LimitedPSP & PPI Issuer
445One Mobikwik Systems Private LimitedPSP & PPI Issuer
BHIM UPI Bank List

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