List of Lok Sabha Speakers of India

Lok Sabha Speakers List

The Lok Sabha Speaker serves as the presiding authority in the lower house of India’s Parliament, this individual, also an elected Member of Parliament (MP), is chosen at the commencement of each new parliamentary session by their fellow MPs

List of BRS MLAs Telangana

Brs Mlas List

Telangana’s 119 BRS MLAs hold mandate from the state’s constituencies, the dominant party, BRS (Bharat Rashtra Samithi), commands 103 seats in the legislative assembly

Complete list of Maharashtra Cabinet Ministers with Department

Maharashtra Ministers List

The Maharashtra Ministers List includes individuals from different political parties who collectively work towards the welfare and progress of the state, their diverse expertise and dedication contribute to the overall governance and functioning of Maharashtra, addressing the needs and aspirations of its citizens

Karnataka CM List 1947 to 2023 With Party Name

Karnataka Cm List

Check out Karnataka CM List from 1947 to 2023, Karnataka, one of India’s southern states, has had several Chief Ministers since its formation in 1956, K Chengalaraya Reddy was the first Chief Minister of the state, while Basavaraj Bommai is the current Chief Minister of Karnataka

Karnataka BJP Leaders List

Karnataka Bjp Leaders List

Karnataka BJP Leaders list is frequently updated to reflect changes in the party’s leadership and is an important resource for those interested in the state politics

Congress Candidates List 2023 Karnataka

Congress Candidates List

The Congress Candidates List is an important aspect of any election campaign. The list comprises the names of all the candidates fielded by the Congress party in various constituencies, The selection of candidates is a crucial decision for the party as it can impact the outcome of the elections