Karnataka CM List 1947 to 2024 With Party Name

Check out Karnataka CM List from 1947 to 2024, Karnataka, one of India's southern states, has had several Chief Ministers since its formation in 1956, K Chengalaraya Reddy was the first Chief Minister of the state, while Basavaraj Bommai is the current Chief Minister of Karnataka

Karnataka Cm List

Karnataka CM List, The Chief Minister of Karnataka is the head of the state’s government and is responsible for its administration. Previously known as the Chief Minister of Mysore, the Chief Minister is the de facto executive authority in the state, with the governor being the de jure head, as per the Constitution of India. After elections to the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, the governor usually invites the political party or a coalition of parties with a majority to form the government.

The Chief Minister is then appointed by the governor, and their Council of Ministers is collectively responsible to the assembly. If the Chief Minister has the confidence of the assembly, their term is for five years, renewable, and without term limits. Karnataka CM list from 1947 to 2024 is given below

Karnataka CM List 1947 to 2024

Here is the list of Karnataka Chief Ministers from 1947 to 2024.

S. No.Chief Minister Name Party Name Tenure
1K. Chengalaraya ReddyCongress25th October 1947 to 30th March 1952
2Kengal HanumanthaiahCongress30th March 1952 to 19th August 1956
3Kadidal ManjappaCongress19th August 1956 to 31st October 1956
4S. NijalingappaCongress1st November 1956 to 10th April 1957
5S. NijalingappaCongress10th April 1957 to 16th May 1958
6B.D JattiCongress16th May 1958 to 9th March 1962
7S.R KanthiCongress14th March 1962 to 20th June 1962
8Veerendra PatilCongress29th May 1968 to 18th March 1971
9D. Devaraj UrsCongress20th March 1972 to 31st December 1977
10D. Devaraj UrsCongress28th February 1978 to 7th January 1980
11R. Gundu RaoCongress12th January 1980 to 6th January 1983
12Ramakrishna Hegde Janata Party8th March 1985 to 13th February 1986
13Ramakrishna HegdeJanata Party16th February 1986 to 10th August 1988
14S.R BommaiJanata Party13th August 1988 to 21st April 1989
15Veerendra PatilCongress30th November 1989 to 10th October 1990
16S. BangarappaCongress17th October 1990 to 19th November 1992
17M. Veerappa MoilyCongress19th November 1992 to 11th December 1994
18H.D Deve GowdaJanata Dal11th December 1994 to 31st May 1996
19J.H PatelJanata Dal31st May 1996 to 7th October 1999
20S.M KrishnaCongress11th October 1999 to 28th May 2004
21Dharam SinghCongress28th May 2004 to 27th January 2006
22H.D KumaraswamyJD (S)3rd February 2006 to 8th October 2007
23B.S YediyurappaBJP12th November 2007 to 19th November 2007
24B.S YediyurappaBJP30th May 2008 to 31st July 2011
25D.V Sadananda GowdaBJP4th August 2011 to 12th July 2012
26Jagadish Shivappa ShettarBJP12th July 2012 to 12th May 2013
27SiddaramaiahCongress13th May 2013 to 17th May 2018
28B.S YediyurappaBJP17th May 2018 to 23rd May 2018
29H.D KumaraswamyJD(S)23rd May 2018 to 23rd July 2019
30B.S YediyurappaBJP26th July 2019 to 28th July 2021
31Basavaraj BommaiBJP28th July 2021 – Present
Karnataka CM List

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