Boruto Filler List PDF | Naruto Next Generations Episode List

The Boruto filler list of episodes can be a fun addition to the main story, offering unique perspectives and entertaining adventures for fans of the series

Boruto Filler List

The Boruto filler list can be quite intricate as it incorporates material from not just the manga but also novels, along with numerous original episodes that are deemed “anime canon.” Serving as the sequel to Naruto Shippuden, Boruto currently has 291 episodes, out of which 172 are canon anime, 63 are adapted from the manga, and 32 are fillers.

Approximately 12% of the Boruto series is comprised of filler episodes, while the “anime canon” episodes constitute about 64%. If we limit ourselves to material that’s adapted from the manga, this would only make up 24% of the entire anime.

Boruto Filler List

Boruto Filler List consists of episodes in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime that do not follow the original manga storyline. These episodes are often referred to as “filler” because they do not contribute to the overall plot and are not considered canon.

While filler episodes can be seen as unnecessary by some viewers, they often serve to provide additional character development, comedic relief, or explore different aspects of the Naruto universe. Some popular filler arcs in Boruto include the Ghost Incident Arc, the Parent and Child Day Arc, and the Mitsuki Disappearance Arc.

Boruto Filler Episode List

Filler Episodes or Arcs TitleEpisode NumbersShould You Watch or Skip it?
Academy Entrance Arc16-17Watch
Genin Mission Arc40-41Watch
Byakuya Gang Arc48-50Skip
Cho-Cho Arc67-69Skip
Naruto Shinden Arc96-97Watch
Konoha Shinden & Konohamaru And Remon Arc112-119Watch
Time Slip Arc138-140Watch
Mujina Bandits Arc152-156Watch
Great Sea Battle Of Kirigakure Arc231-232Skip
Great Sea Battle Of Kirigakure Arc256-260Watch
Konoha Shinden & Konohamaru And Remon Arc112-119Watch
Time Slip Arc138-140Watch
Mujina Bandits Arc152-156Watch
Great Sea Battle Of Kirigakure Arc231-232Skip
Great Sea Battle Of Kirigakure Arc256-260Watch
Kawaki & Himawari Academy Arc261-273Skip
Boruto Filler List

Boruto – Naruto Next Generations Episode List

1Boruto Uzumaki!MIXED CANON/FILLER2017-04-05
2The Hokage’s Son!ANIME CANON2017-04-12
3Metal Lee Goes Wild!ANIME CANON2017-04-19
4A Ninjutsu Battle of the Sexes!ANIME CANON2017-04-26
5The Mysterious Transfer Student!ANIME CANON2017-05-03
6The Final Lesson!ANIME CANON2017-05-10
7Love and Potato Chips!ANIME CANON2017-05-17
8The Dream’s RevelationANIME CANON2017-05-24
9Proof of OneselfANIME CANON2017-05-31
10The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins!ANIME CANON2017-06-07
11The Shadow of the MastermindANIME CANON2017-06-14
12Boruto and MitsukiANIME CANON2017-06-21
13The Demon Beast Appears!ANIME CANON2017-06-28
14The Path That Boruto Can SeeANIME CANON2017-07-05
15A New PathANIME CANON2017-07-12
16Crisis: The Threat of Failing!FILLER2017-07-19
17Run, Sarada!FILLER2017-07-26
18A Day in the Life of the Uzumaki FamilyMIXED CANON/FILLER2017-08-02
19Sarada UchihaMANGA CANON2017-08-09
20The Boy With the SharinganMANGA CANON2017-08-16
21Sasuke and SaradaMANGA CANON2017-08-23
22Connected FeelingsMANGA CANON2017-08-30
23Bonds Come in All ShapesMANGA CANON2017-09-06
24Boruto and SaradaMIXED CANON/FILLER2017-09-13
25The Turbulent Field TripANIME CANON2017-09-20
26The Mizukage’s SuccessorANIME CANON2017-09-27
27A Shinobi Bout of FriendshipANIME CANON2017-10-04
28Declaration of WarANIME CANON2017-10-11
29The New Seven Ninja Swordsmen!ANIME CANON2017-10-18
30The Sharingan vs. the Lightning Blade, Kiba the Fang!ANIME CANON2017-10-25
31Boruto and KaguraANIME CANON2017-11-01
32The Quest for SouvenirsANIME CANON2017-11-08
33The Super Beast Scroll Slump!ANIME CANON2017-11-15
34The Night of the Shooting StarsANIME CANON2017-11-22
35The Parent Teacher Conference!ANIME CANON2017-11-29
36The Graduation Exam Begins!ANIME CANON2017-12-06
37A Shinobi’s ResolveANIME CANON2017-12-13
38Formation of the Three-Man Squad?ANIME CANON2017-12-20
39The Path Lit by the Full MoonMANGA CANON2017-12-27
40Team 7: The First Mission!FILLER2018-01-10
41Strength in UnityFILLER2018-01-17
42A Ninja’s JobANIME CANON2018-01-24
43The Byakuya Gang Surfaces!ANIME CANON2018-01-31
44Shikadai’s DoubtsANIME CANON2018-02-07
45Memories From the Day of SnowANIME CANON2018-02-14
46Go! The Crest of Night StrategyANIME CANON2018-02-21
47The Figure I Want To BeANIME CANON2018-02-28
48The Genin Documentary!FILLER2018-03-07
49Wasabi and NamidaFILLER2018-03-14
50The Chunin Exams: The Recommendation MeetingFILLER2018-03-21
51Boruto’s BirthdayANIME CANON2018-03-28
52Sasuke’s ShadowANIME CANON2018-04-04
270Two Sides of the Same CoinANIME CANON2022-10-09
271The Island of TreacheryANIME CANON2022-10-16
272Students Unite!ANIME CANON2022-10-23
273Farewell, Academy!ANIME CANON2022-10-30
274A Flightless HawkANIME CANON2022-11-06
275Into the Sky AgainANIME CANON2022-11-13
276Welcome to the MazeANIME CANON2022-11-20
277Disappearing LivesANIME CANON2022-11-27
278Musical ChairsANIME CANON2022-12-04
279The Obstacle: SevenANIME CANON2022-12-11
280BreakthroughANIME CANON2022-12-18
281The Eighth TruthANIME CANON2022-12-25
282Sasuke’s Story: InfiltrationMANGA CANON2023-01-08
283Sasuke’s Story: Star LinesMANGA CANON2023-01-15
284Sasuke’s Story: The Secret in the CellarMANGA CANON2023-01-22
285Sasuke’s Story: The Sky That Fell to the EarthMANGA CANON2023-01-29
286Sasuke’s Story: The RingMANGA CANON2023-02-05
287Claw MarksMANGA CANON2023-02-12
288CaptivesMANGA CANON2023-02-19
289QualificationMANGA CANON2023-02-26
290PresenceMANGA CANON2023-03-05
291ControlMANGA CANON2023-03-12
292HungerMANGA CANON2023-03-19
293FarewellMANGA CANON2023-03-26
Boruto Filler List of Naruto Next Generations Episode

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