Forbes Real Time Billionaires List

The Forbes Real-Time Billionaires List is a constantly updated list of the wealthiest individuals in the world. It provides real-time information on the net worth of billionaires based on the current stock market values of their assets, The list is an excellent resource for tracking the world's wealthiest individuals and their fortunes

Forbes Real Time Billionaires List

The Forbes Real-Time Billionaires List includes both self-made billionaires and those who have inherited their wealth. The list features a diverse range of industries, including technology, finance, and retail, among others. Some notable names on the list include Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates.

The real-time nature of the list makes it an invaluable tool for investors and analysts. By tracking the movements of billionaires and their fortunes, investors can gain valuable insights into the global economy and investment trends. The list also provides information on the companies and industries that are currently driving wealth creation.

Forbes Real Time Billionaires List

The below list of Forbes real time billionaires rank wise.

RankNameNet WorthAgeCompanyCountry
1Bernard Arnault & family$208.6 B73LVMHFrance
2Elon Musk$193.8 B51Tesla, SpaceXUnited States
3Jeff Bezos$116.4 B59AmazonUnited States
4Larry Ellison$111.4 B78OracleUnited States
5Warren Buffett$105.7 B92Berkshire HathawayUnited States
6Bill Gates$104.9 B67MicrosoftUnited States
7Carlos Slim Helu & family$91.1 B83telecomMexico
8Mukesh Ambani$83.5 B65diversifiedIndia
9Steve$80.8 B66MicrosoftUnited States
10Francoise Bettencourt Meyers & Family$79.5 B69Loreal France
11Larry Page$79.1 B49Google United States
12Michael Bloomberg $76.8 B81Bloomberg LPUnited States
13Amancio Ortega$76.4 B86ZaraSpain
14Sergey Brin$75.9 B49Google United States
15Zhong Shanshan %68.0 B68Beverages PhamaceuticalsChina
16Mark Zuckerberg%63.7 B38FacebookUnited States
17Jim Walton$60.3 B74WalmartUnited States
18Rob Walton$ 59.1 B78WalmartUnited States
19Charles Koch$59.0 B87Koch IndustriesUnited States
20Alice Walton $58.1 B73WalmartUnited States
List of Forbes Real Time Billionaires

Complete list of Forbes Real Time Billionaires rank wise is available at below rank wise .

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