Hurun Rich List 2023 M3M Hurun Global Rich List PDF

The Hurun Rich List is an annual ranking of the wealthiest, according to the Hurun Global Rich List 2023, a total of 3,112 billionaires were ranked, which is a decrease from the previous year's figure of 3,384, these individuals were associated with 2,356 companies across 69 countries

Hurun Rich List

The Hurun Rich List is an annual ranking of billionaires in India based on their wealth, calculated as of January 14th, 2023. This year marks the twelfth edition of the ranking, which aims to showcase India’s standing in the 2023 M3M HURUN Global Rich List.

The Hurun Global Rich List 2023 evaluated 3,112 billionaires from 69 countries and 2,356 companies, which is a decline from last year’s figure of 3,384. The total wealth of the billionaires dropped by 10%, and the number of billionaires decreased by 8% compared to last year. Out of the total, 1,078 billionaires saw an increase in their wealth, including 176 new faces, while 2,479 experienced a decrease or no change, and 445 were removed from the list. On average, the billionaires were 66 years old.

Hurun Rich List 2023

M3M Hurun Rich List 2023 has published, revealed that Jeff Bezos, the US billionaire and founder of Amazon, experienced the largest decrease in personal wealth in dollar terms over the past year. According to a media release by India Hurun, Bezos lost a staggering $70 billion, which is greater than the combined losses incurred by Indian billionaires Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani. Specifically, Gautam Adani and his family lost $28 billion in personal wealth, while Mukesh Ambani lost $21 billion.

M3M Hurun Global Rich List 2023 ranks Jeff Bezos as the biggest loser in terms of personal wealth, while Gautam Adani and Mukesh Ambani are placed in 6th and 7th positions, respectively.

The personal wealth of Jeff Bezos is $118 billion, while that of Adani and Ambani stands at $53 billion and $82 billion, respectively, according to the 2023 M3M Global Hurun Rich List.

Gautam Adani, the Founder and Chairman of the Adani Group, is a first-generation entrepreneur. The Adani Group is a diversified conglomerate with business interests in various sectors, including power, ports, airports, cement, green energy, and others.

Mukesh Ambani is the Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries, which is the largest privately-owned company in India. Additionally, according to the 2023 M3M Hurun Global Rich List, India ranks sixth in the number of billionaires who have added $1 billion or more to their wealth over the past year.

In the 2023 M3M Hurun Global Rich List, 16 new Indian entrants made it to the list, with Rekha Rakesh Jhunjhunwala & family being the richest among them. The list also included 176 individuals from 18 industries and 99 cities, and India secured the third position with the addition of 16 billionaires, surpassing Italy’s addition of 9 billionaires.

M3M Hurun Global Rich List

Rank Richest Billionaire Wealth Change (US$bn)Wealth (US$bn)
1Jeff Bezos-70118
2Elon Musk-48157
3Sergey Brin-4472
4Larry Page-4175
5Mackenzie Scott-3526
6Gautam Adani & Family-2853
7Mukesh Ambani-2182
8Zeng Yuqun-1835
9Scott Farquhar-1710
Hurun Rich List

Hurun India Rich List 2022 PDF

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