Moon Bin Drama List and TV Show

Moon Bin drama list reflects his ability to bring depth and emotion to his roles, his performances have won him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim, making him one of the most promising young actors in the Korean entertainment industry

Moon Bin Drama List

Moon Bin drama list include romance, youth, friendship, and coming of age. In dramas like “Moments of Eighteen” and “At Eighteen,” Moonbin portrays the struggles and joys of being a teenager, while in “Please Don’t Date Him,” he explores the complexities of relationships in the digital age.

Moonbin is a multi-talented actor who has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with his captivating performances. He has worked on a variety of dramas that showcase his acting range and versatility.

One of the recurring themes in Moon Bin drama list is romance. In “Moment of Eighteen,” Moonbin played a high school student who falls in love for the first time. His portrayal of the character’s innocence and vulnerability was praised by critics and viewers alike. In “Please Don’t Date Him,” he plays a programmer who creates an AI that helps women avoid dating terrible men. Moon Bin Drama list is given below year wise.

Moon Bin Drama List

Moon Bin Drama List with role is given below.

2021Find Me if You CanGuest Role
2020No Going Back Romance(Ep. 2) Guest Role
2020The Mermaid Prince: The BeginningChoi Woo Hyuk Main Role
2020Mermaid PrinceChoi Woo Hyuk Main Role
2019Soul PlateAngel Muriel Main Role
2019Moment at EighteenJung Oh Je [Jun Woo’s friend] Support Role
2017Sweet Revenge[Himself] Guest Role
2017Idol FeverGuest Role
2016My Romantic Some Recipe(Ep. 6) Guest Role
2015To Be Continued[Himself] Main Role
2015Persevere, Goo Hae RaGuest Role
2014Forever Young[Trainee] Guest Role
2009Boys Over FlowersSo Yi Jung [Young] Guest Role
Moon Bin Drama List

Moon Bin TV Show List

20222022 MBC Music Festival: WITH LOVE[Performer]
Regular Member
2022Don’t Be Afraid Sakura(Ep. 14)
2022Dream Center Study Room(Ep. 1)
2022Show!terview with Sunmi(Ep. 24)
2022City Fisherman Season 4(Ep. 10-11)
2022Studio Moon Night Season 2(Ep. 164)
2022Astro HostelMain Host
2022Parasite Challenge AstroMain Host
2022Surprise: The Secret Room(Ep. 7)
2022DNA Mate(Ep. 46)
20212021 MBC Gayo Daejejeon[Performer]
Regular Member
2021Saturday Night Live Korea Season 11Regular Member
20212021 SBS Gayo Daejeon: WELCOME[Performer] Regular Member
20212021 KBS Song Festival: WITH YOU[Performer] Guest
2021Work Hard Play HardRegular Member
2021The Return of Superman: Baby CloudGuest
2021Outrun by Running ManGuest
2021Astro Stress ThingsRegular Member
2021Story of the Day When You Bite Your Tail Season 3Guest
2021Midnight Idol Season 2Guest
2021Back to the Idol Season 2Guest
2021Follow Me Season 14: Truth of TasteGuest
2021Astro Zone addMain Host
2021Inssa Oppa Season 5 add(Special EP)
2021Maddola: Astro addMain Host
2021Space Force A: Secret Golden Bowl addRegular Member
2021ASTRO Space Force A: Secret Golden Bowl addMain Host
2021Update on Your Real Characters’ Taste addGuest
2021Midnight Horror Story Season 1 addGuest
2021Rumor Offisherlock addGuest
2021Fact iN Star Season 2 addGuest
2021TMI News Season 2 addGuest
2021ASTRO Chemi-Mate ZZG addMain Host
2021Secret Friend of Idols Season 2Guest
2021ISAC: Hall of FameRegular Member
2021Ssap-Dance: AstroRegular Member
2021Adola School Season 1Guest
2020Life Corp. Season 2Guest
2020Astro’s One Thousand and One NightsRegular Member
2020Idol Human TheaterGuest
2020Idol League Season 3Guest
2020Moonbin & Sanha X LieVMain Host
2020Comeback Show Mu:Talk LiveGuest
2020Back to the Idol Season 1Guest
2020Idol HouseGuest
2020Idol CookbangGuest
2020Vogue Ship Show Season 1Guest
2020Favorite EntertainmentGuest
2020Food AvengersRegular Member
2020I’m Yours for 60 MinutesGuest
2020ASTRO X Our NightMain Host
2020Hidden Track Season 2Guest
2020Secret Friend of Idols Season 1Guest
20202020 Idol Star Athletics ChampionshipsRegular Member
2020Handsome TigersGuest
Moon Bin TV Show List

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