CCL Winners List All Seasons

The CCL or Celebrity Cricket League is a popular annual cricket tournament in India where teams comprised of actors and other celebrities compete against each other, the CCL winners list all seasons is a testament to the intense competition that takes place in the tournament, Telugu Warriors have been the most successful team in the league, winning the championship three times, while the Karnataka Bulldozers have won the title twice

Ccl Winners List All Seasons

The Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) is a men’s cricket league in India that was introduced in 2011 as an entertainment league with an amateur status. It features players from both Bollywood and regional cinema industries across India. Initially, the league began with four teams in its inaugural CCL T20 edition in 2011. However, it has now expanded to eight teams, and the tournament lasts for a month each season.

The CCL began with four teams in 2011, but it has since grown to include six, seven, or eight teams in subsequent editions. The first six seasons of the league were played in T20 format. However, from the 2017 edition onwards, the competition is being held in T10 format. Seasons 2, 7, and 8 were contested by six teams, while seasons 3, 4, 5, and 6 featured eight teams competing for the championship. The inaugural season of the league was relatively brief, with only four teams participating in the tournament.

CCL Winners List All Seasons

The below list of Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) Winners.

YearChampionRunner UpNo. of Teams
2011Chennai RhinosKarnataka Bulldozers4
2012Chennai RhinosKarnataka Bulldozers6
2013Karnataka BulldozersTelugu Warriors8
2014Karnataka BulldozersKerala Strikers8
2015Telugu WarriorsChennai Rhinos8
2016Telugu WarriorsKarnataka Bulldozers8
2017Telugu WarriorsKerala Strikers6
2019Mumbai HeroesKarnataka Bulldozers6
List of CCL Winners

Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) Winners and Runner UP List 2011 to 2023

CCL Winners and Runner UP list is given below year wise

2011Chennai RhinosKarnataka Bulldozers25 runs
2012Chennai Rhinos (2)Karnataka Bulldozers1 run
2013Karnataka BulldozersTelugu Warriors26 runs
2014Karnataka Bulldozers (2)Kerala Strikers36 runs
2015Telugu WarriorsChennai Rhinos7 wickets
2016Telugu Warriors (2)Karnataka Bulldozers9 wickets
2017Telugu Warriors (3)Kerala Strikers8 wickets
2019Mumbai HeroesKarnataka BulldozersNA
List of CCL Winners and Runner Up Team

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