Electric Vehicle (EV) Stocks List in India

The EV Share List encompasses established automakers, emerging startups, and companies specializing in EV components and technology

Ev Share List

EV Share List is a term referring to the list of electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers whose shares are publicly traded on stock exchanges. As the global shift towards sustainable transportation gains momentum, investors are increasingly interested in companies involved in the EV industry.

This list provides investors with an opportunity to participate in the growing EV market, capitalizing on the potential for future growth and innovation. It also reflects the broader societal shift towards cleaner, greener transportation options, driving sustainable development and reducing carbon emissions in the process.

EV Share List

EV StockCategoryMarket cap (Rs. in cr.)Closed Price (Rs.)1-yr returns (%)
Mahindra & MahindraAuto manufacturer1,45,108.031,212.7534.15
Exide Industries LtdBattery manufacturing15,963187.8023.88
TATA MotorsAuto manufacturer1,68,935.86471.2010.83
Hero MotoCorp LtdAuto manufacturer49,147.582,459.357.46
Amara Raja Batteries LtdBattery manufacturing10,200597.357.29
Power Grid Corporation of India LtdEV charging stations1,61,516.61231.553.90
Olectra Greentech LtdAuto parts and EV software5,5706732.49
TATA Chemicals LtdBattery manufacturing24,060.46944.450.85
Motherson Sumi Systems LtdAuto parts and EV software22,304.4950.450.80
Category Wise EV Share List

List of Electric Vehicle Stocks

AMARA RAJA BATTERIES691.30 0.95%690.45 0.85%
BHARAT ELECTRONICS126.90 -0.16%126.85 -0.24%
BHARAT FORGE863.80 -0.29%865.20 -0.23%
BOSCH18,937.30 0.21%18,915.00 0.07%
CONCORD CONTROL284.35 3.40%Not Listed
ENDURANCE TECHNOLOGIES1,703.00 -0.66%1,705.10 -0.62%
EXIDE INDUSTRIES250.05 -1.69%249.85 -1.73%
FIEM INDUSTRIES1,867.20 1.65%1,868.00 1.79%
GABRIEL INDIA203.20 0.10%203.40 0.07%
GRAPHITE INDIA414.80 -0.16%415.25 -0.13%
GREAVES COTTON139.30 1.31%138.90 0.94%
HBL POWER169.20 1.38%169.15 1.35%
HEG1,604.00 -0.39%1,599.10 -0.67%
HERO MOTOCORP3,109.55 -0.81%3,105.25 -0.99%
HIMADRI SPECIALITY CHEMICAL144.10 0.80%144.00 0.88%
JBM AUTO.1,474.00 0.46%1,472.35 0.39%
KABRA EXTRUSION449.15 -0.86%448.45 -0.88%
LUMAX IND2,281.55 -2.07%2,288.35 -1.86%
MINDA CORPORATION301.25 0.74%301.00 0.70%
NIFTY 50Not Listed19,615.65 0.26%
OLECTRA GREENTECH1,365.35 -0.52%1,368.00 -0.41%
RAMKRISHNA FORG477.50 2.30%478.45 2.43%
RATTANINDIA ENTERPRISES41.94 -0.55%41.95 -0.59%
S&P BSE SENSEX66,224.92 0.25%Not Listed
SAMVARDHANA MOTHERSON96.31 0.20%96.50 0.42%
SONA COMSTAR542.05 -0.94%543.40 -0.70%
EV Share List of Stocks

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