Honorary Lieutenant List – Honorary Ranks Awarded

The Honorary Lieutenant List highlights the respect and appreciation extended to these individuals for their significant impact and stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence, it serves as a way to honor and acknowledge their noteworthy accomplishments in their respective domains

Honorary Lieutenant List

The Honorary Lieutenant List comprises individuals who have been bestowed with the honorary title of “Lieutenant” in recognition of their exceptional contributions and service in various fields. This title is often granted to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements, leadership, and dedication, even if they are not part of the military.

Being named in the Honorary Lieutenant List is a symbol of prestige and honor, acknowledging the recipients’ significant impact on their respective domains. This recognition showcases their remarkable accomplishments and their commitment to excellence, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

List of Honorary Ranks Awarded

The compilation of Honorary Commissions (Honorary Captain and Honorary Lieutenant) granted during the Republic Day celebrations of 2023 is provided herewith.
The information is classified and should not be disseminated until 1200hrs on January 25, 2023 (Today).

S.No.AwardPDF List
2RANK GAZETTE ENG RD 2023Download  
3NCO GAZETTE ENG RD2023 Download
Honorary Ranks Awarded List PDF

Honorary Lieutenant List PDF

Download list pf MWOs and WOs promoted from Honorary Flying Officer to Honorary Flight Lieutenant pdf from below link.

Honorary Commission Latest News

On Friday, the defense ministry declared its endorsement for a rise in the count of honorary commissions sanctioned for junior commissioned officers (JCOs) holding the rank of Lieutenant.

The ministry’s statement highlighted that honorary commissions are bestowed upon active JCOs during their final year of service on Independence Day and Republic Day, acknowledging their exceptional dedication and valuable contributions within the armed forces.

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