IGRS List of Transactions Andhra Pradesh Services

List of Transactions IGRS is refers to a comprehensive compilation of various transactions and services available through the IGRS platform, IGRS is an online portal designed to facilitate citizen-centric services related to property registration, land records, and grievance redressal in many Indian states

List Of Transactions Igrs

The term “List of Transactions IGRS” typically refers to a record or compilation of various transactions managed through the IGRS. IGRS is a government initiative aimed at facilitating the seamless resolution of public grievances and ensuring transparency in various administrative processes.

The list of transactions within IGRS may include property registration, land records, citizen complaints, and other administrative functions. These IGRS transactions are crucial for maintaining accountability and efficiency in government operations.

By maintaining a comprehensive list of transactions, government authorities can track, monitor, and address issues effectively, ultimately leading to improved public service delivery and citizen satisfaction.

IGRS Andhra Pradesh Services List

  • Chit Fund Management
  • Marriage Registration
  • Property Registration (Sale, Gift, Lease, Mortgage etc)
  • Firms Registration
  • Societies Registration
  • Marriage Registration

IGRS Transactions AP Registration & Stamps Department

Complete process is given below step by step.
Step 1 : Visit the Registration & Stamps Department Government of Andhra Pradesh official website https://registration.ap.gov.in/igrs.

Step 2 : At home page click on Transactions IGRS option located in the right side top corner under services tab.

Step 3 : List of transaction registration details link http://rs.ap.gov.in/IGRS_RegnDeptLogin_website_main/DeedDetails.do?method=getDistricts&fwdtype=REG.

Step 4 : Select District, Sub-Registrar Office, Document No. and Registration Year.

Registration Details
Registration details

Step 5 : Now click on “Submit” button to complete Registration Details.

List of Transactions IGRS PDF eBooks

Download AP Registration & Stamps Department eBooks pdf from below link.

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