Own Satellite Country List, First Satellites by Country

Own Satellite Country list includes nations like Kazakhstan, Colombia, Mauritius, Vietnam, Venezuela, and many more, each country's satellite program represents their advancements in technology, communication, and scientific exploration

Own Satellite Country List

An emerging trend in space exploration and technology is the concept of “Own Satellite Country List.” This refers to countries or organizations launching their own satellites into space to gain independence and autonomy in various aspects. These satellites can serve a multitude of purposes, including communication, weather monitoring, scientific research, and national security.

Owning and operating satellites enables countries to enhance their capabilities, gather valuable data, and improve their technological infrastructure. Furthermore, it promotes international cooperation and collaboration in space exploration. As technology advances and access to space becomes more accessible, the Own Satellite Country concept is expected to grow, leading to new opportunities and challenges in the realm of space exploration and development. Own satellite country list is given below.

Own Satellite Country List

List of First Orbital Launches by Country

OrderCountrySectorSatelliteDate (UTC)
1Soviet UnionGovernmentalSputnik 14 October 1957
2United StatesGovernmentalExplorer 11 February 1958
3FranceGovernmentalAstérix26 November 1965
4JapanGovernmentalOhsumi11 February 1970
5ChinaGovernmentalDong Fang Hong 124 April 1970
6United Kingdom[g]GovernmentalProspero28 October 1971
European Space AgencyGovernmentalCAT-1 (Obélix[7])24 December 1979
7IndiaGovernmentalRohini 1 (RS-1)18 July 1980
8IsraelGovernmentalOfeq 119 September 1988
UkraineGovernmentalStrela-3 (x6, Russian)28 September 1991
RussiaGovernmentalKosmos 217521 January 1992
9IranGovernmentalOmid2 February 2009
10North KoreaGovernmentalKwangmyŏngsŏng-3 Unit 212 December 2012
11South KoreaGovernmentalDummy satellite, performance verification satellite (with 4 CubeSats)21 June 2022
Own Satellite Country List

List of First Satellites by Country

CountrySatelliteOperatorManufacturerDate (UTC)
Soviet UnionSputnik 1OKB-1Soviet Union OKB-14 October 1957
United StatesExplorer 1ABMAUnited States JPL1 February 1958
United KingdomAriel 1RAEUnited States NASA / United KingdomSERC26 April 1962
CanadaAlouette 1DRDCCanada DRDC29 September 1962
ItalySan Marco 1CNRItaly CRA[6]15 December 1964
FranceAstérixCNESFrance CNES26 November 1965
AustraliaWRESATWREAustralia WRE29 November 1967
10 European countriesESRO 2BESROUnited Kingdom Hawker Siddeley[9]17 May 1968[10]
West GermanyAzurDLRGermany DLR / United States NASA8 November 1969
JapanOhsumiISASJapan ISAS11 February 1970
People’s Republic of ChinaDongfanghong ICASTChina CAST24 April 1970
NetherlandsANSSRON / NASANetherlands Philips30 August 1974
SpainIntasatINTASpain Standard Electrica15 November 1974
IndiaAryabhataISROIndia ISRO19 April 1975
IndonesiaPalapa A1PerumtelUnited States Hughes8 July 1976
CzechoslovakiaMagion 1 Soviet Union24 October 1978
BulgariaBulgaria 1300BSABulgaria Bulgarian Academy of Sciences7 August 1981
Saudi ArabiaArabsat-1AArabsatFrance Aérospatiale8 February 1985
BrazilBrasilsat A1EmbratelUnited States Hughes 
MexicoMorelos 1SCTUnited States Hughes17 June 1985
SwedenVikingSSCUnited States Boeing/Sweden Saab22 February 1986
IsraelOfek-1 Israel IAI19 September 1988
LuxembourgAstra 1ASES AstraUnited States GE Astrospace11 December 1988
ArgentinaLusatAMSAT Argentina 22 January 1990
Hong KongAsiaSat 1AsiaSatUnited States Hughes7 April 1990
PakistanBadr-1SUPARCOPakistan SUPARCO16 July 1990
RussiaKosmos 2175 Russia21 January 1992
South KoreaKitsat-1KAISTUnited Kingdom SSTL10 August 1992
PortugalPoSAT-1PoSATUnited Kingdom SSTL26 September 1993
ThailandThaicom-1Shin SatelliteUnited States Hughes18 December 1993
TurkeyTurksat 1BTürksatFrance Aérospatiale10 August 1994
Czech RepublicMagion 4 Czech Republic2 August 1995
UkraineSich-1  31 August 1995
ChileFASat-Alfa United Kingdom SSTL 
MalaysiaMEASAT-1MEASATUnited States Hughes13 January 1996
EgyptNilesat 101NilesatAstrium28 April 1998
SingaporeST-1SingTelAstrium25 August 1998
TaiwanFormosat-1NSPOUnited States TRW27 January 1999
South AfricaSUNSATStellenboschSouth Africa Stellenbosch23 February 1999
DenmarkØrsted Denmark CRI 
Georgia (country)Georgia[15]ReflektorEnergia-GPI SpaceKazakhstan Baikonur Site 1/5
United Arab EmiratesThuraya 1ThurayaUnited States Boeing21 October 2000
BelgiumPROBA-1ESABelgium Verhaert Space22 October 2001
MoroccoMaroc-Tubsat Germany TU Berlin10 December 2001
TongaEsiafi 1 (formerly Comstar D4)TONGASATUnited States SS/Loral21 February 1981
AlgeriaAlSAT-1 United Kingdom SSTL28 November 2002
GreeceHellas-Sat 2Hellas-SatAstrium13 May 2003
NigeriaNigeriaSat-1 United Kingdom SSTL27 September 2003
IranSina-1 Russia NPO Polyot27 October 2005
KazakhstanKazSat-1 Russia Khrunichev17 June 2006
ColombiaLibertad-1 United States/Colombia17 April 2007
MauritiusRascom-QAF 1RascomFrance Alcatel21 December 2007
VietnamVinasat-1Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications GroupUnited States Lockheed Martin18 April 2008
VenezuelaVenesat-1 China CAST29 October 2008
FranceEutelsat 48D / Afghansat 1Afghanistan Ministry of Communications and InformationEADS Astrium20 December 2008
SwitzerlandSwissCube-1 Switzerland23 September 2009
SingaporeX-Sat South Korea SATREC20 April 2011
Isle of ManViaSat-1ViaSat-IOM, ManSat, Telesat-IOMUnited States SS/Loral19 October 2011
HungaryMaSat-1 Hungary BME13 February 2012
PolandPW-SatWarsaw University of Technology, Space Research Centre  
RomaniaGoliat United StatesRomania 
BelarusBelKA-2 Russia22 July 2012
North KoreaKwangmyŏngsŏng-3 Unit 2KCSTNorth Korea12 December 2012
AzerbaijanAzerspace-1/Africasat-1aSpace Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Azercosmos)United States Orbital Sciences7 February 2013
AustriaTUGSAT-1/UniBRITE Canada UTAIS25 February 2013
BermudaBermudasat 1 (former EchoStar VI)BermudasatUnited States SS/Loral14 July 2000
EcuadorNEE-01 Pegaso[22]EXAEcuador EXA26 April 2013
EstoniaESTCube-1 Estonia7 May 2013
JerseyO3b-1/O3b-2/O3b-3/O3b-4O3b NetworksFrance Thales Alenia Space25 June 2013
FranceQatar Eutelsat 25B / Es’hail 1Eutelsat Es’hailSatUnited States SS/Loral29 August 2013
QatarEs’hail 1Es’hailSatUnited States SS/Loral29 August 2013
PeruPUCP-Sat 1 Peru21 November 2013
BoliviaTúpac Katari 1 China CAST20 December 2013
LithuaniaLitSat-1/Lituanica SAT-1 Lithuania9 January 2014
IraqTigrisatMOST / La SapienzaItaly La Sapienza19 June 2014
UruguayAntelsatAntelUdelaR19 June 2014
TurkmenistanTurmen Alem52E/MonacoSATTNSAAlcatel27 April 2015
LaosLaosat-1Laos National Authority for Science and TechnologyCAST20 November 2015
Finland AaltoAalto UniversityAalto University18 April 2017
List of First Satellites by Country

List of International Customer Satellites Launched by ISRO PDF

ISRO has launched a number of international customer satellites, showcasing its prowess in the global space industry. These satellites, belonging to countries around the world, have benefited from ISRO’s expertise in satellite launch services. Download pdf list of satellites launched by ISRO from below link.


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