Public Provident Fund (PPF) Interest Rate List 2024-25 (PPF Monthly Calculator)

The PPF interest rates are subject to periodic revisions by the government, based on prevailing economic conditions, SBI PPF interest rate calculator online

Ppf Interest Rate List

PPF Interest Rate List: The Public Provident Fund (PPF) is a government-backed investment scheme introduced in 1968 with the goal of encouraging small savings and providing reasonable returns along with tax-saving benefits. It serves as an excellent option for building a retirement corpus. Currently, the PPF account offers an attractive interest rate of 7.10% per annum, compounded annually.

The PPF enjoys a very low level of risk since it is supported by the government, providing investors with guaranteed and risk-free returns. Moreover, PPF falls under the EEE (Exempt, Exempt, Exempt) status, which means that the amount invested, the interest earned, and the maturity amount received are all exempt from taxation, making it a highly tax-efficient investment option.

PPF Interest Rate List

Financial YearTime PeriodPPF Interest Rate (per annum)
2023-2024April 2023 – July 20247.10% p.a.
2022-2023April 2022 – March 20237.10%
2021-2022April 2021 – March 20227.10%
2020-2021April 2020 – March 20217.10%
2020-2021January 2020 – March 20207.90%
2019-2020October 2019 – December 20197.90%
2019-2020July 2019 – September 20197.90%
2019-2020April 2019 – June 20198.0%
2018-2019January 2019 – March 20198.0%
2018-2019October 2018 – December 20188.0%
2018-2019July 2018 – September 20188.0%
2018-2019April 2018 – June 20187.60%
2017-2018January 2018 – March 20187.60%
2017-2018October 2017 – December 20177.80%
2017-2018July 2017 – September 20177.80%
2017-2018April 2017 – June 20177.90%
2015-2016April 2015 – March 20168.70%
2014-2015April 2014 – March 20158.70%
2013-2014April 2013 – March 20148.70%
2012-2013April 2012 – March 20138.80%
2011-2012April 2011 – November 20118.0%
2011-2012December 2011 – March 20128.60%
2010-2011April 2010 – March 20118.0%
2009-2010April 2009 – March 20108.0%
2008-2009April 2008 – March 20098.0%
2007-2008April 2007 – March 20088.0%
2006-2007April 2006 – March 20078.0%
2005-2006April 2005 – March 20068.0%
2004-2005April 2004 – March 20058.0%
PPF Interest Rate History

PPF Interest Rate Calculator

Check out HDFC Bank PPF Interest Calculator Online at below link

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How is Interest Calculated on PPF?

Interest on the account is calculated based on the minimum balance between the fifth and the last day of each calendar month. The interest will be credited to the account at the end of each financial year. Regardless of the account’s standing at the end of the fiscal year, interest is added to the account annually.

How to Use the PPF Calculator?

The PPF calculator automatically computes the maturity amount and wealth gained from the PPF investment.


The PPF calculator requires the following inputs:

  • Yearly Investment: The amount you wish to invest in a PPF account in a year.
  • Duration of Investment (in years): PPF account has a lock-in period of 15 years and investors who wish to extend their investment can do so by a block period of five years.
  • Current Interest Rate (%): Time to time, Scripbox updates its calculator with the current PPF interest rates.


With the given inputs, the PPF calculator determines the following values:

  • Total Investment: It is the sum of all the yearly investments.
  • Wealth Gained: It is the total amount gained during the investment tenure.
  • Maturity Amount: Maturity amount is the total amount one can expect from their PPF investments. In other words, it is the value that one can expect at the end of their investment tenure.

How to Calculate Expected Returns From PPF?

The expected returns are calculated using the following PPF Formula:
A = P [({(1+i) ^n}-1)/i]
A is the maturity amount
P is the principal amount invested in the PPF account
i is the expected interest rate of return on the PPF scheme
n is the tenure for which the amount is invested in the PPF scheme
To understand the concept of compounding interest and its effect on overall investment, let’s consider three investment alternatives with Mr. Arun investing Rs. 20,000 every year at a 7.90% interest rate:
Alternative 1: 15 years
Alternative 2: 20 years
Alternative 3: 25 years
By using the PPF Formula, we can calculate the maturity amount for each alternative and observe the impact of the investment period on the final returns.

Investment periodTotal amount investedTotal interest earnedMaturity valueIncremental Maturity Value
15 yearsRs. 300,000Rs. 242,428Rs. 542,428
20 yearsRs. 400,000Rs. 487,772Rs. 887,772= (Rs. 887,772 – Rs. 542,428) = Rs. 345,344
25 yearsRs. 500,000Rs. 874,402Rs. 1,374,402= (Rs. 1,374,402 – Rs. 887,772) = Rs. 486,630
PPF Interest Rate Calculator

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