Pushkaralu Rivers | List of Ganga Pushkaram Places 2024

Pushkaralu festival is celebrated in various states across India, but the most significant ones are held in the banks of the Godavari and Krishna rivers, during the Pushkaralu, the riverbanks come alive with colorful rituals, religious processions, and cultural activities


Pushkaralu is a significant Hindu festival that takes place once every 12 years in India. It is a holy pilgrimage that attracts millions of devotees who come to bathe in the sacred river. Pushkaralu is celebrated on the banks of the River Godavari, Krishna, and Kaveri, among others. The festival is believed to be an auspicious time when the rivers are said to be blessed with divine powers. The festival is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm with religious rituals, cultural programs, and spiritual discourses. The festival is a significant cultural event that celebrates the deep-rooted faith of the people in India.

Pushkaram, also referred to as Pushkaralu in Telugu and Pushkara in Kannada, is a significant Indian festival that honors the worship of rivers. The festival is celebrated at holy sites located along the banks of 12 major sacred rivers in India

Pushkaralu Rivers List

Serial NumberRiver Name
1Ganga River
2Narmada or Reva River
4Yamuna or Jamna
7Cauvery or Kaveri
8Bhima or Bhimarathi River (Tambraparni)
9Pushkara Vahini (Brahmaputra)
11Sindhu or Indus
12Parineeta (Sapranitantasi) (Pranahita)
List of Pushkaram Rivers

Ganga Pushkaralu 2023 Schedule

Rescue teams have been readied by the authorities at the ghats for prompt retrieval in case of accidental falls into the Ganga River during bathing. Additionally, medical teams will be present to offer their services during the Ganga Pushkaras, while the police department will maintain constant vigilance.

Ganga Pushkaralu Places List

Additional special preparations were made for the Ganga Pushkaras at Kashi, which holds immense religious significance for Hindus. To prevent any inconvenience due to an unexpected crowd surge, measures have been put in place. In addition to basic facilities, comprehensive arrangements have been made in local schools, hostels, and ashrams. Furthermore, a dedicated transportation system has been established to facilitate the commute of visitors from the railway station and bus stands to the Pushkara Ghats.

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