SEBC List of Odisha 2024 – State List of Socially and Educationally Backward Classes

The SEBC list of Odisha is periodically updated to ensure inclusivity and address the evolving needs of these communities, it reflects the state's commitment to social justice and equal opportunities, striving to bridge the gaps in socio-economic development

Sebc List Of Odisha

SEBC List of Odisha: The Odisha State Commission for Backward Classes officially incorporated 22 castes or communities into the SEBC list (Socially and Educationally Backward Classes). This update was made through notification No. 8749/M&BCW issued by the Odisha government.

The SEBC category in Odisha now enjoys a reservation of 11.225%. Prior to this addition, there were already 210 castes and communities recognized in the SEBC list of Odisha. These 22 scheduled tribes have been appended to the existing SEBC list in Odisha, as per the amendment to the Odisha State Commission for Backward Classes Act of 1993.

SEBC List of Odisha

S.NoSEBC Caste/CommunityCode
1Ashtralohi, Ashtalohi, Karmakar, Viswa, Brahman(Sunari), Swaransilpi014
3Gop, Sadgop, Dumal Gouda, Gopala, Gopapuria Gouda045
4Budho Kouriya048
5Kostha, Tulabhina, Bunakar/Bunakara, Matibansa Tanti, Rangini Hansi, Ranguni Tanti050
6Kosalya Goudus, Bosotheriya082
8Malis, Korchia Malis, Podda Malis107
11Patra, Aswini149
13Kubara, Sahoo168
14Kurmi, Kurma Chasa182
15Mahla, Mahlar185
17Scheduled Castes converts to Christianity and their progeny193
18Koppula Vellama196
19Kalwar, Kalal201
20Banayat Odiya, Benayit Odia202
21Kalandi Baishanaba, Kalandi Vaishnab203
SEBC Caste in Odisha

SEBC Caste List in Odisha PDF

In addition to the existing 210 scheduled tribes/castes in the SEBC list of Odisha, the government of Odisha has recently added another 22 scheduled tribes to the SEBC list. To verify if your community is included in this new list, please check below, and you can also download the SEBC list of Odisha PDF from below link.

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