List of Collective Nouns for Animals, People and Objective/Things With Examples PDF

Collective Nouns are words that represent a group of people, animals, or things as a single entity. They are used to make speech and writing more concise and expressive, a Collective Nouns List contains words like herd, flock, swarm, and bunch that refer to a group of animals or objects

Collective Nouns List

A Collective Nouns List comprises of various terms that are used to describe specific groups of items. Some common examples include a swarm of bees, a pack of wolves, a choir of singers, a fleet of ships, and a bunch of keys. These nouns not only help to convey information concisely but also add a sense of imagery and depth to the language. Learning and using Collective Nouns can enhance one’s writing and communication skills.

A Collection Noun is a particular kind of Noun that denotes a unified group or assembly of people or objects. The term “Collective” implies an accumulation or cluster of individuals. A Collective Noun is a category of word that characterizes a gathering or collection of people, things, notions, and so on. To illustrate, a gathering of pupils is referred to as a Class, a gathering of managers is referred to as a committee, and a gathering of ships is referred to as a fleet.

Collective Nouns List

Collective Nouns in English grammar are used to refer to a group or assembly of individuals. There are several collective nouns available for different contexts. Learning and memorizing these nouns can enhance students’ vocabulary skills. These Collective Nouns can be categorized into three groups: Things, People, and Animals. Here are some examples of Collective Nouns List for each group:

  • Things: a fleet of ships, a bunch of grapes, a stack of books
  • People: a team of players, a class of students, a crowd of people
  • Animals: a herd of cows, a pack of wolves, a flock of birds
    Having a strong grasp of Collective Nouns can improve one’s writing and communication skills, as they add variety and depth to language use.

Collective Nouns Examples for Animals

Specific Collective Nouns are used to describe a group or collection of different animals. Here is a list of some Collective Nouns for specific species:

  • Collective noun for bees – Swarm
  • Collective noun for fish – Shoal or School
  • Collective noun for sheep – Herd
  • Collective noun for ships – Fleet
  • Collective noun for birds – Flock
  • Collective noun for lions – Pride
  • Collective noun for wolves – Pack
  • Collective noun for ants – Colony

Collective Nouns For Objective/Things

Examples of collective nouns are used to describe a collection of non-living objects such as a pack of cards or a bunch of grapes. Here are some examples in the following list.

  • Collection of Keys, grapes – A bunch of grapes, keys, etc.
  • Collection of sticks and hay – A bundle of sticks and hay.
  • Collection of trees – A clump/grove of trees.
  • Collection of sand – Heap of sands.
  • Collection of stars – A cluster / constellation/ galaxy of stars.
  • Collection of cars -A convoy of cars.
  • Collection of lectures -A course or series of lectures.
  • Collection of Islands – A group of Islands.

Collective Nouns for People

There are certain collective nouns used to describe a group or collection of people.

  • Collective noun for actors – Troupe, Company or Cast
  • Collective noun for soldiers – Army
  • Collective noun for musicians – Band
  • Collective noun for warriors – Troop
  • Collective noun for directors – Board
  • Collective noun for sailors – Crew
  • Collective noun for singers – Choir
  • Collective noun for dancers – Group
  • Collective noun for thieves – Pack
  • Collective noun for players – Team
  • Collective noun for delegates – Delegation
  • Collective noun for judges – Panel or Bench

Collective Nouns List A to Z PDF

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