SBI E Auction Properties List 2023

Sbi E Auction Properties List

SBI E Auction Properties List is a comprehensive compilation of properties available for auction through State Bank of India’s e-auction platform, this list features a wide range of immovable assets, including lands, buildings, factories, and flats, among others, that are up for bidding

PNB Unclaimed Deposits List and Claiming Amount Form

Pnb Unclaimed Deposits List

PNB unclaimed deposits list includes relevant account details and instructions for the account holders or their legal heirs to initiate the necessary procedures and reclaim the unclaimed deposits, this initiative promotes transparency and facilitates the return of unutilized funds to their rightful owners

RAS Transfer List Rajasthan 2023 PDF

Rajasthan Ras Transfer List

The RAS transfer list indicates the reshuffling of officers from one administrative post to another, transfer list is released based on several factors, including the officer’s performance, seniority, and administrative requirements

Haryana Govt. School Holidays List 2023

Haryana Govt. School Holidays List

Check out Haryana govt. school holidays list 2023, Haryana Government has ensured that its schools have adequate holidays and breaks throughout the year to promote the well-being and productivity of students and staff