List of Howrah Metro Station, Tickets Price and Time Table

The Howrah Metro Station list includes vital stops such as Howrah Maidan, Mahakaran, and Esplanade, each station serves as a crucial hub for commuters traveling within Kolkata, facilitating smooth and efficient transportation across the city

Howrah Metro Station List

The Howrah Metro Station list includes vital transit points connecting various parts of Kolkata and Howrah. Stations like Howrah Maidan, Netaji Metro, and Central are crucial nodes, facilitating commuter travel in the bustling metropolitan area. Additionally, stations like Esplanade, Rabindra Sadan, and Mahatma Gandhi Road serve as important interchange points, allowing passengers to switch between metro lines.

With convenient access to major landmarks and commercial hubs, the Howrah Metro network ensures efficient urban mobility for residents and visitors alike, contributing significantly to Kolkata’s robust public transportation infrastructure.

Howrah Metro Station List

S.No.Station to Station
1Howrah Maidan to Howrah
2Howrah to Mahakaran
3Mahakaran to Esplanade
4Esplanade to Sealdah
5Sealdah to Phool Bagan
6Phool Bagan to Salt Lake Stadium
7Salt Lake Stadium to Bengal Chemical
8Bengal Chemical to City Center
9City Center to Central Park
10Central Park to Karunamoyee
11Karunamoyee to Salt Lake Sector V
List of Howrah Metro Station
Station List
Metro station list

Station List and Tickets Price

The stations along the Howrah Maidan – Esplanade section are as follows:

  • Howrah Maidan
  • Mahakaran
  • Esplanade

Metro Ticket Price

The Kolkata Metro employs a smart card ticketing system where fares are determined by the distance covered. Below is an example of the fare structure for the Howrah Maidan – Esplanade route:

Howrah – Howrah Maidan₹ 5
Howrah – Mahakaran, Esplanade₹ 10
Howrah – Central, Chandni Chowk, Parkstreet, and Maidan₹ 15
Howrah Metro Ticket Price List

Metro Time Table

The Howrah Metro operates on weekdays (Monday to Saturday) with operational hours varying according to the specific route.

  • Howrah Maidan – Esplanade: 7:00 AM – 9:45 PM

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