List of Aruvi Serial Actress and Star Cast (Main Cast)

Aruvi Serial Actress Name List, the serial revolves around the life of the lead character, Aruvi, and her journey through various challenges and transformations

Aruvi Serial Actress Name List

Aruvi Serial Actress Name List, Aruvi” is a popular Tamil television serial that has garnered attention for its engaging storyline and talented cast. The lead actress in the serial is Adithi Sharma, who portrays the character of Aruvi. Adithi Sharma’s portrayal of Aruvi has received praise for its depth and emotive performance. Her compelling acting skills have contributed to the serial’s popularity and success.

Aside from Adithi Sharma, “Aruvi” also features a talented ensemble cast including actors like Vasanth Vasi, Prakash Rajan, and others. The show’s gripping narrative revolves around Aruvi’s journey and challenges, making it an intriguing watch for viewers.

As the serial continues to capture audiences with its captivating storyline and strong performances, Adithi Sharma’s portrayal of the titular character remains a highlight, showcasing her versatility and dedication to her craft.

Aruvi Serial Actress Name List

  • Sonia Vikram
  • Lavanya
  • Jovita Livingston Jones
  • Krithika Laddu
  • Poorni
  • Ambika

Aruvi Serial Main Cast List

The primary roles in the serial are portrayed by Jovita Jones and Karthick Vasudevan, while Eshwar Ragunathan and Lavanya Devi contribute in supporting roles. Further information regarding the main and supporting cast is provided below

Karthick VasudevanPugazhendhi
Jovita JonesAruvi Pugazh
AmbikaSaraswathi Sivakumar
Aruvi Serial Actress Name List of Star Cast

Recurring Cast List

  • Eshwar Ragunathan (Eshwaramoorthy)
  • Lavanya Devi (Lakshmi Eshwar)
  • VJ Sam (Kalaiselvan)
  • Girish (Vishwanathan)
  • Jeevitha (Sivasankari)
  • Kirithika Laddu (Indhu Kalai)
  • Supergood Kannan (Sivakumar)
  • Swapna Sharath (Neelaveni)
  • Soniya Vikram (Vennila)

Aruvi Serial Timing & Repeat Telecast Timing

ChannelSun TV
Show Timings2.30pm
Repeat Telecast TimeYet to update
Running Time22 minutes
Starting Date18 October 2021
Final EpisodeYet to update
List of Aruvi Serial Timing

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