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The commonly used tools in agriculture include tractors, plows, harrows, seed drills, cultivators, threshers, sprayers, irrigation systems, and milking machines, these tools play a significant role in different stages of farming, from land preparation to harvesting

List Of Tools Used In Agriculture

The top agricultural tools and equipment currently trending for farmer use are crucial for enhancing the productivity and efficiency of agricultural land. These tools have become essential for farmers as they manage their farms. In this blog, we will discuss the 12 most popular agricultural tools used by farmers.
Given the difficulty of manually overseeing agricultural operations, it is imperative to have reliable tools that can assist in managing and working on the farm. Thus, the need for agricultural tools has become paramount in today’s world.

Agricultural machinery and tools are utilized to reduce manual labor and improve work efficiency, leading to increased productivity that would not have been achievable through limited manpower. Surprisingly, these implements can be interchanged and are priced affordably. In India, these farming tools are reasonably priced and within the budget of farmers, making them easily accessible. These agricultural tools are utilized for weed elimination, fertilizers, general tillage, fumigation, and elimination. With more than 50% of the Indian economy dependent on the agriculture sector, it is essential to incorporate the best tools and machinery for better progress and growth.

List of Tools Used in Agriculture

Agriculture is a crucial sector that relies heavily on the use of appropriate tools and machinery to maximize productivity and efficiency. Some of the most commonly used tools in agriculture include tractors, plows, harrows, seed drills, cultivators, and threshers. These tools are used in different stages of farming operations, from preparing the land to harvesting crops.
Tractors are used for land preparation, crop cultivation, and transportation of farm inputs and outputs. Plows and harrows are used to prepare the land for planting by breaking up and smoothing out the soil. Seed drills are used for precise planting of seeds while cultivators are used for removing weeds and aerating the soil.

During the harvesting stage, threshers are used for separating grain from the harvested crops, while hay balers are used for compressing hay into bales for storage.
Other tools commonly used in agriculture include sprayers for applying pesticides and herbicides, irrigation systems for providing water to crops, and milking machines for dairy farming.

List of Modern and Traditional Tools Used in Agriculture

Hare is the list of most commonly used tolls in farming.


A plow is a piece of farm equipment that is mounted on a tractor and is equipped with deep, sturdy blades that can cut and loosen the soil. Farmers use plows to till and turn over the soil, thereby allowing fresh nutrients to penetrate the ground during planting. Plows also aid in weed control and the removal of excess crops.


The tractor is the most essential and commonly used farming tool in India. Farmers employ tractors for various tasks such as plowing, fertilizing, planting, growing, and harvesting.


A thresher is a tool that separates seeds from the husk, chaff, and straw of crops. It is primarily used for threshing grain and separating seeds from stalks and husks. Having a thresher reduces the amount of manual labor required by farmers and improves crop efficiency by enabling the threshing of larger quantities of grain at once. Additionally, it helps prevent seed breakage. A farmer can clear vast areas of land with a thresher, which can also be used to remove grass, loosen the soil, and prepare the land for farming.


Rake tool is used for removing dead leaves, grass, and hay. It consists of a long handle with several sturdy teeth at the end to eliminate undesired growth on the farm. Additionally, it can aid in loosening soil, smoothing out the ground, and performing light weeding.

2 & 4 Stroke Sprayer Pump

Farmers have access to two types of agricultural sprayers, namely 2-stroke spray pumps and 4-stroke pumps. These instruments are essential in spraying insecticides on crops to protect them and maintain a hygienic farm environment.


The baler is a tractor attachment that allows farmers to create bales of hay and flax straws using excess crops. This device can cut and compress raked crops, including hay and silage, into bales that facilitate convenient storage and transportation.


The wheelbarrow is a tool used to collect and move farm debris, lightening the load for farmers by aiding in cleaning and disposal of waste.

land Mover

The land mower, also called a mover or grasser, is a crucial tool on the farm. Its blades are connected to its wheels and can be either manually pushed or electrically operated. This implement is responsible for efficiently cutting grass and cleaning the entire farm. To achieve a tidy and healthy appearance for your farm, the use of a land mower is highly recommended.

Seeder and Fertilizer

Farmers use seeders and fertilizers to plant seeds in the soil and distribute pesticides and fertilizers throughout their farms. These pieces of equipment typically consist of a tank and a hopper, which hold the fertilizers and pesticides, allowing for even and efficient spreading across the farm.

Trolley Pump

A trolley pump is an essential tool for large farms. With the use of a trolley pump, farmers can easily and efficiently spray disinfectants over their entire farm, saving them time and increasing their yield and profitability.

Trailer Sprayer

The tractor-mounted sprayer is a farming equipment that can make life easier for farmers. It comes in a variety of models and is a useful gadget for spraying pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides to protect crops from pest attacks. By ensuring the crop’s strength, the sprayer helps to produce nutritious yields.

Combine Harvester

When harvesting, winnowing, and threshing crops, a farmer requires a combine harvester. The optimal approach to performing these tasks is by utilizing a combined harvester, which is capable of threshing a variety of crops, such as wheat, oats, barley, rye, and corn.

Roto Seed Drill

The farmer greatly benefits from using a seed drill, which facilitates the sowing of wheat, grass, and barley seeds. This machine combines a seed drill with a rotary tiller, and is user-friendly, causing minimal seed wastage. The roto seed drill is also environmentally friendly, making it a popular choice among farmers.

Manure Spreader

The primary purpose of a manure spreader is to distribute manure evenly throughout the field in the form of fertilizer. To operate, the spreader must be attached to a tractor as it does not function independently.


The irrigation sprinkler is a vital tool for farmers, as it enables them to spray water on their fields to maintain cool, safe, and healthy soil conditions. The sprinkler delivers water to the ground in the form of small droplets or mist, ensuring that plants receive sufficient nourishment throughout the day, resulting in a healthy crop. By watering crops over a large area at once, the farmer can save time and effort, making this an essential agricultural implement to possess.

Rotary Tiller

A rotary tiller plays a vital role in farming activities around the year. This tool comes with curved tines linked to a rotating shaft that helps dig and till the soil. This activity helps prepare the soil for sowing.

List of Tools and Equipment Used in Farming in India PDF

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