List of Olympic Games Host Cities for Summer and Winter Olympic Sports

The Olympic Games Host Cities List is a prestigious record of cities that have had the honor of hosting this iconic sporting event, each city on the list has showcased its global significance by organizing the Games, serving as a platform for cultural exchange, athletic excellence, and international camaraderie

Olympic Games Host Cities List

The Olympic Games Host Cities List signifies the global journey of the Olympic movement, spanning decades of athletic excellence and international camaraderie. This roster showcases the diverse locations that have hosted this prestigious event, becoming the epicenter of world-class competitions and cultural exchange.

From Athens in 1896 to the upcoming host cities, each entry embodies the commitment to unity, sportsmanship, and shared values. These cities have welcomed athletes and spectators from around the world, leaving an indelible mark on the history of the Games. The list is a testament to the enduring legacy and impact of the Olympic Games on a global scale.

Olympic Games Host Cities List

This compilation presents the cities that have hosted the Olympic Games, encompassing both the summer and winter editions, from the commencement of the modern Olympics in 1896. The Games are usually organized within a four-year interval known as an Olympiad, with alternating summer and winter events taking place in even-numbered years.

Across 21 cities, there have been 29 Summer Olympic Games and 24 Winter Olympic Games. Additionally, conflicts led to the cancellation of three summer and two winter editions: Berlin (summer) in 1916, Sapporo–Garmisch-Partenkirchen (winter) and Tokyo–Helsinki (summer) in 1940, and Cortina d’Ampezzo (winter) and London (summer) in 1944.

The 1906 Intercalated Olympics in Athens were initially recognized, but the International Olympic Committee (IOC) later revoked their recognition in 1949. Notably, the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo were postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the 2022 Winter Olympics following in Beijing just six months later.

List of Cities for Summer and Winter Olympic Games

CityCountryYearContinentOpening DateClosing Date
AlbertvilleFrance1992Europe8 February 199223 February 1992
AmsterdamNetherlands1928Europe28 July 192812 August 1928
Antwerp[c]Belgium1920Europe14 August 192012 September 1920
AthensGreece1896Europe6 April 189615 April 1896
AthensGreece2004Europe13 August 200429 August 2004
AtlantaUnited States1996North America19 July 19964 August 1996
BarcelonaSpain1992Europe25 July 19929 August 1992
Beijing[i]China2008Asia8 August 200824 August 2008
BeijingChina2022Asia4 February 202220 February 2022
BerlinGermany1936Europe1 August 193616 August 1936
BrisbaneAustralia2032Oceania23 July 20328 August 2032
CalgaryCanada1988North America13 February 198828 February 1988
ChamonixFrance1924Europe25 January 19245 February 1924
Cortina d’AmpezzoItaly1956Europe26 January 19565 February 1956
Garmisch-PartenkirchenGermany1936Europe6 February 193616 February 1936
GrenobleFrance1968Europe6 February 196818 February 1968
HelsinkiFinland1952Europe19 July 19523 August 1952
InnsbruckAustria1964Europe29 January 19649 February 1964
Innsbruck[g]Austria1976Europe4 February 197615 February 1976
Lake PlacidUnited States1932North America4 February 193213 February 1932
Lake PlacidUnited States1980North America13 February 198024 February 1980
LillehammerNorway1994Europe12 February 199427 February 1994
London[b]United Kingdom1908Europe27 April 190831 October 1908
LondonUnited Kingdom1948Europe29 July 194814 August 1948
LondonUnited Kingdom2012Europe27 July 201212 August 2012
Los AngelesUnited States1932North America30 July 193214 August 1932
Los AngelesUnited States1984North America28 July 198412 August 1984
Los AngelesUnited States2028North America14 July 202830 July 2028
22 November 1956
10 June 1956
8 December 1956
17 June 1956
Mexico CityMexico1968North America12 October 196827 October 1968
Milan–Cortina d’AmpezzoItaly2026Europe6 February 202622 February 2026
MontrealCanada1976North America17 July 19761 August 1976
MoscowSoviet Union[h]1980Europe19 July 19803 August 1980
MunichWest Germany1972Europe26 August 197211 September 1972
NaganoJapan1998Asia7 February 199822 February 1998
OsloNorway1952Europe14 February 195225 February 1952
ParisFrance1900Europe14 May 190028 October 1900
ParisFrance1924Europe5 July 192427 July 1924
Paris[k]France2024Europe26 July 202411 August 2024
PyeongchangSouth Korea2018Asia9 February 201825 February 2018
Rio de JaneiroBrazil2016South America5 August 201621 August 2016
RomeItaly1960Europe25 August 196011 September 1960
Salt Lake CityUnited States2002North America8 February 200224 February 2002
SapporoJapan1972Asia3 February 197213 February 1972
SarajevoYugoslavia1984Europe8 February 198419 February 1984
SeoulSouth Korea1988Asia17 September 19882 October 1988
SochiRussia[h]2014Europe7 February 201423 February 2014
Squaw ValleyUnited States1960North America18 February 196028 February 1960
St. Louis[a]United States1904North America1 July 190423 November 1904
St. MoritzSwitzerland1928Europe11 February 192819 February 1928
St. MoritzSwitzerland1948Europe30 January 19488 February 1948
StockholmSweden1912Europe6 July 191222 July 1912
SydneyAustralia2000Oceania15 September 20001 October 2000
TokyoJapan1964Asia10 October 196424 October 1964
TurinItaly2006Europe10 February 200626 February 2006
VancouverCanada2010North America12 February 201028 February 2010
TokyoJapan2020Asia23 July 20218 August 2021
BerlinGermany1916EuropeCancelled due to WWI
Cortina d’AmpezzoItaly1944EuropeCancelled due to WWII
LondonUnited Kingdom1944EuropeCancelled due to WWII
Cancelled due to WWII
Cancelled due to WWII
List of Olympic Games Host Cities

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