Complete List of Onam Games Kerala

Kerala Onam games list include Pulikali, Kummattikkali, Thiruvathirakali, Tug of War, Thalapanthukali, Onathallu, Uriyadi, Kilithattu Kali and many more indoor and outdoor

Onam Games List

Onam Games List: Onam, a vibrant festival celebrated in Kerala, India, is marked by a variety of traditional games that bring joy and unity to the community. These games, collectively known as “Onakalikal,” encompass a range of activities that reflect the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Spectacular snake boat races, popularly known as “Vallamkali,” where beautifully adorned long boats compete, capture the essence of Onam. “Tug of War” contests showcase strength and camaraderie. “Pulikali” involves artists painting themselves as tigers, adding a unique and lively touch.

From breathtaking athletic endeavors to colorful cultural performances, Onam games form an integral part of the festivities, fostering joy and togetherness.

Onam Games List

S. No.GameDescription
1OnakalikalOnakalikal is an aggregate name for the various games played at the event of Onam. After an extravagant Onasadhya dinner, it’s the best chance to enjoy a smidgen of cheer and sports, and lively individuals of Kerala capitalize on it.
2TalappanthukaliTalappanthukali is one of the major out-entryway games played at the event of Onam. The game is basically a ball game and an incredibly famous one.
3KayyankaliKayyankali is a battle and an incredibly rough one. Men of solidarity play it at the event of Onam. To play Kayyankali men battle balanced without utilizing any weapon, and the more grounded man wins.
4AttakalamAttakalam is the subsequent battle game played on the event of Onam. The first is ‘Kayyankali’. Attakalam is less risky and forceful of the two. The other distinction between the two battles is that while Attakalam is played in clumps, Kayyankali is played separately.
5AmbeyyalArchery or Ambeyyal as it is prominently brought in Kerala, is one of the many games played on the event of Onam. The game tests the expertise and persistence of a player and is played by men.
6Kutu KutuKutukutu is a famous and entertaining game played during the celebration of Onam. It is a tomfoolery game and especially like the well-known round of Kabaddi played in a few pieces of India. However straightforward in nature, the game is very challenging as it tests strength, speed, politeness, and the force of the lungs of a player.
List of Onam Games

Kerala Onam Celebration Games List

Check out list of Onam games in Kerala state at Kerala Tourism official website.

Onam Celebration Games List Kerala
Onam celebration games list kerala

Onam Games List PDF Kerala

Download IISR Recreation Club Onam sports and games celebration circular from below link.


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