List of All Output Devices of Computer and their Functions

Output Devices of Computer such as monitors, printers, speakers, projectors, and headphones, play a pivotal role in transforming digital data into human-readable formats, these devices facilitate communication and interaction with computers, delivering visual, auditory, or tangible outputs, contributing significantly to the usability and functionality of computer systems.

Output Devices Of Computer List

Output Devices of Computer List: Output devices in computing are essential for displaying or producing information from a computer system. Common output devices include monitors, which visually display text and graphics; printers, which produce hard copies of digital documents; and speakers, which emit audio output.

More specialized devices like plotters create high-quality graphical representations, while projectors cast computer content onto screens for larger audiences. Braille embossers convert digital text into tactile Braille for visually impaired users.

These devices bridge the gap between the digital realm and human perception, allowing users to interact with and comprehend computer-generated data, making them fundamental components of modern computing environments.

Output Devices of Computer List

  • LCD Projection Panels
  • Monitor (LED, LCD, CRT, etc.)
  • Printers (all types)
  • Plotters
  • Microfiche
  • Projector
  • Headphone
  • Computer Output Microfilm (COM)
  • Speaker(s)
  • Visual Display Unit
  • Film Recorder

Computer Output Devices List and their Functions

Below, you’ll find a list of output devices of computer frequently utilized, each accompanied by a concise description of its purpose and practical applications.


  • The device which displays all the icons, text, images, etc. over a screen is called the Monitor
  • When we ask the computer to perform an action, the result of that action is displayed on the monitor
  • Various types of monitors have also been developed over the years


  • A device which makes a copy of the pictorial or textual content, usually over a paper is called a printer
  • For example, an author types the entire book on his/her computer and later gets a printout of it, which is in the form of paper and is later published
  • Multiple types of printers are also available in the market, which can serve different purposes


  • A device through which we can listen to sound as an outcome of computer commands is called a speaker
  • Speakers are attached to a computer system and can also be used as separate hardware devices
  • With technological advancements, wireless speakers are now available, which can be connected using Bluetooth or other applications


  • An optical device that presents an image or moving images onto a projection screen is called a projector
  • Most commonly, these projectors are used in auditoriums and movie theaters for the display of videos or lighting
  • If a projector is connected to a computer, then the image/video displayed on the screen is the same as the one displayed on the computer screen


  • They perform the same function as a speaker, the only difference is the frequency of sound
  • Using speakers, the sound can be heard over a larger area, and using headphones, the sound is only audible to the person using them
  • Also known as earphones or headset

List of Input and Output Devices of Computer with Examples PDF

Download all input and output devices of computer with their function from below link.

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