Tripura CM List Party Wise

Since 1963, Tripura has witnessed eleven chief ministers, with Sachindra Lal Singh from the Indian National Congress being the first, The Communist Party of India (Marxist) member, Manik Sarkar, held the position of Chief Minister for the longest period in the state's history, from 1998 to 2018

Tripura Cm List

The Government of Tripura is headed by the Chief Minister, who is the topmost official in the Indian state of Tripura. Although, as per the Constitution of India, the Governor of Tripura is the de jure head, the de facto executive power lies with the Chief Minister. After the Tripura Legislative Assembly elections, the party or coalition with a majority of seats is usually invited by the governor to form the government, and the Chief Minister is appointed by the governor. The council of ministers led by the Chief Minister is collectively accountable to the assembly. As long as the Chief Minister enjoys the confidence of the assembly, they hold office for a term of five years without any term limits.

Since its formation in 1972, Tripura has had several Chief Ministers, each leaving their mark on the state’s political history. The first Chief Minister of Tripura was Prafulla Kumar Das, who served from 1972 to 1977. After him, the state has seen several other notable leaders take on the role of Chief Minister, including Nripen Chakraborty, Sudhir Ranjan Majumdar, and Manik Sarkar.

Tripura CM List From 1963 to 2024

Sachindra Lal SinghAgartala Sadar II1 July 1963 – 1 November 1971Indian National Congress
Vacant(President’s rule)1 November 1971 – 20 March 1972
Sukhamoy Sen GuptaAgartala Town III20 March 1972 – 31 March 1977Indian National Congress
Prafulla Kumar DasBamutia1 April 1977 – 25 July 1977Congress for Democracy
Radhika Ranjan GuptaFatikroy26 July 1977 – 4 November 1977Janata Party
Vacant(President’s rule)5 November 1977 – 5 January 1978
Nripen ChakrabortyPramodnagar5 January 1978 – 5 February 1988Communist Party of India (Marxist)
Sudhir Ranjan MajumdarTown Bordowali5 February 1988 – 19 February 1992Indian National Congress
Samir Ranjan BarmanBishalgarh19 February 1992 – 10 March 1993
Vacant(President’s rule)11 March 1993 – 10 April 1993
Dasarath DebRamchandraghat10 April 1993 – 11 March 1998Communist Party of India (Marxist)
Manik SarkarDhanpur11 March 1998 – 9 March 2018Communist Party of India (Marxist)
Biplab Kumar DebBanamalipur9 March 2018 – 14 May 2022Bharatiya Janata Party
Manik Saha15 May 2022 – Incumbent
List of Tripura CM

List of Chief Ministers Tripura State

Check out the list of Tripura Chief Ministers and Governor with photo at below link.

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