List of UP Gangster 2024 | Uttar Pradesh Top Most Wanted Gangster List

The UP Gangster List is regularly updated as new information becomes available, and is considered an important resource in the fight against gang violence and other criminal activities in Uttar Pradesh

Up Gangster List

The UP Gangster List is a record of known and suspected gang members operating in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. The list is compiled and maintained by the police and is used as a tool to track and target criminal activity in the region. UP Gangster list includes information such as the names, aliases, and affiliations of individuals believed to be involved in organized crime, as well as their criminal histories and current whereabouts.
As per the Uttar Pradesh government, a list of the ten most wanted criminals has been made public, who are being closely monitored round the clock. Here is a compilation of the top ten notorious criminals in India, as per the UP government’s records.

UP Gangster List

Here is the list of UP Gangster

Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari
For the last 17 years, Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari has been incarcerated on charges of murder, kidnapping, and extortion. Despite being behind bars, he managed to run his gang and win elections. Having been elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) five times from the Mou constituency in Uttar Pradesh, Ansari’s political influence and power have been formidable.
Abbas Ansari
Abbas Ansari, a former MLA and notorious gangster, was apprehended on multiple charges. Known worldwide as a skilled marksman, Ansari had previously been ranked as one of the top shooters globally. Despite his criminal background, he won the 2022 assembly elections and secured a position as an MLA. However, he was later arrested on allegations of money laundering and other criminal offenses.
Shubhas Thakur
Regarded as the most prominent mafia boss in Uttar Pradesh, he was formerly detained at Banaras jail, but was subsequently transferred to Fatehgarh jail where he is serving a life sentence.
Bablu Srivastava
Om Prakash Srivastava, better known as Bablu Srivastava, is a notorious figure in the realm of kidnapping operations. Originally hailing from the Ghazipur district, Srivastava had initially aspired to join the armed forces like his brother or pursue a career in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). He had earned a reputation for himself in the field of law. However, he ultimately became involved in the kidnapping trade and provided aid to various individuals associated with it. In a media interview, Srivastava acknowledged his past involvement in the illicit activity.
Sundar Bhati
Sundar Bhati has been incarcerated for the past seven years after being arrested from Ghanghola in Greater Noida. Bhati had been implicated in numerous criminal activities such as murder, robbery, and other serious offenses.
Vijay Mishra
Vijay Mishra, a former MLA, has been accused of violating the gangster act, and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has filed a case against him for money laundering. His assets, valued at Rs. 22 crore, have been seized.
Khan Mubarak
Khan Mubarak is a well-known figure in the criminal underworld, and is the sibling of the renowned marksman Zafar Supari. He hails from Ambedkar Nagar and was apprehended by authorities three years ago.
Sanjiv Jiva Maheswari
Sanjib Maheshwari is said to have ties with Mukhtar Ansari, having worked as a shooter for him. He is suspected to be the mastermind behind the assassination of Krishnanand Rai.
Atif Raza
Sarjil Raza, also known as Atif Raza, is the brother-in-law of Mukhtar Ansari. He, along with Anwar, was named in an FIR filed under the gangster act on February 31, 2022, at the Mau South Tola police station.
Yogendra Bhadouda
Yogendra Bhadouda is a well-known figure in West Delhi, having served as the village head for 15 years. However, he and his brother Vishwas were taken into custody in 2013.

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