List of Ashes Winners from 1882 to 2023

The Ashes Winners List serves as a testament to the rich cricketing heritage and the spirit of rivalry between the two nations, the list highlights the historical victories of both England and Australia, showcasing the intense competition, memorable moments, and outstanding performances by players

Ashes Winners List

The Ashes Winners List comprises the historical records of one of the most renowned cricket rivalries between England and Australia. The Ashes series is a highly anticipated Test cricket competition played between these two cricketing giants.

The term “Ashes” originated in 1882 after Australia’s first-ever victory on English soil, leading to a mock obituary stating that English cricket had died, and “the body will be cremated, and the ashes taken to Australia.” Since then, the Ashes series has become a prestigious event, captivating cricket enthusiasts worldwide. The list showcases the teams’ triumphs over the years, reflecting the intense battles and sportsmanship exhibited in this legendary contest.

Ashes Winners List

1882-83England2-1 (3)Australia
1884England1-0 (3)England
1884-85England3-2 (5)Australia
1886England3-0 (3)England
1886-87England2-0 (3)Australia
1887-88England1-0 (1)Australia
1888England2-1 (3)England
1890England2-0 (2)England
1891-92Australia2-1 (3)Australia
1893England1-0 (3)England
1894-95England3-2 (5)Australia
1896England2-1 (3)England
1897-98Australia4-1 (5)Australia
1899Australia1-0 (5)England
1901-02Australia4-1 (5)Australia
1902Australia2-1 (5)England
1903-04England3-2 (5)Australia
1905England2-0 (5)England
1907-08Australia4-1 (5)Australia
1909Australia2-1 (5)England
1911-1912England4-1 (5)Australia
1912England1-0 (3)England
1920-21Australia5-0 (5)Australia
1921Australia3-0 (5)England
1924-25Australia4-1 (5)Australia
1926England1-0 (5)England
1928-29England4-1 (5)Australia
1930Australia2-1 (5)England
1932-33England4-1 (5)Australia
1934Australia2-1 (5)England
1936-37Australia3-2 (5)Australia
1938Draw1-1 (4)England
1946-47Australia3-0 (5)Australia
1948Australia4-0 (5)England
1950-51Australia4-1 (5)Australia
1953England1-0 (5)England
1954-55England3-1 (5)Australia
1956England2-1 (5)England
1958-59Australia4-0 (5)Australia
1961Australia2-1 (5)England
1962-63Draw1-1 (5)Australia
1964Australia1-0 (5)England
1965-66Draw1-1 (5)Australia
1968Draw1-1 (5)England
1970-71England2-0 (7)Australia
1972Draw2-2 (5)England
1974-75Australia4-1 (6)Australia
1975Australia1-0 (4)England
1977England3-0 (5)England
1978-79England5-1 (6)Australia
1981England3-1 (6)England
1982-83Australia2-1 (5)Australia
1985England3-1 (6)England
1986-87England2-1 (5)Australia
1989Australia4-0 (6)England
1990-91Australia3-0 (5)Australia
1993Australia4-1 (6)England
1994-95Australia3-1 (5)Australia
1997Australia3-2 (6)England
1998-99Australia3-1 (5)Australia
2001Australia4-1 (5)England
2002-03Australia4-1 (5)Australia
2005England2-1 (5)England
2006-07Australia5-0 (5)Australia
2009England2-1 (5)England
2010-11England3-1 (5)Australia
2013England3-0 (5)England
2013-14Australia5-0 (5)Australia
2015England3-2 (5)England
2017-18Australia4-0 (5)Australia
2019Draw2-2 (5)England
2022Australia4-0 (5)Australia
2023Draw2-2 (5)England
Ashes Winners List


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