List of MIDC Officers in Maharashtra with Office Contact Number

The MIDC Officer List is crucial for businesses and investors looking to navigate the regulatory landscape and seek opportunities within Maharashtra's thriving industrial ecosystem

Midc Officers List

The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation – MIDC Officer list refers to a compilation of key personnel responsible for managing industrial development and infrastructure in the state of Maharashtra, India.

This list typically includes high-ranking officers, administrators, and officials who play pivotal roles in facilitating industrial growth, investment, and infrastructure development within the MIDC regions. These officers oversee various aspects of industrial planning, land allocation, infrastructure provision, and policy implementation.

They work to attract businesses, promote economic growth, and create employment opportunities in Maharashtra. The MIDC Officer List is crucial for businesses and investors seeking information and collaboration opportunities within the state’s industrial landscape.

MIDC Officers List

OfficeOfficer NameContact Number
Chief Executive OfficerShri Dr. Vipin Sharma022-40161451/40161454 (WTC)
022-40160800/47489237 (Andheri)
Joint Chief Executive Officer (Admin)Shri Anil Bhandari022-40101462/47484479
Joint Chief Executive Officer (S.P.)Shri Popat Malikner022-47491921/47485620
Joint Chief Executive Officer (Vidarbha)Shri Dr. Vijay Rathod022-48256653
Deputy Chief Executive Officer – 1 (Mumbai)Shri Jitendra Kakuste022-47485602
Deputy Chief Executive Officer – 2 (Pune)Shri Shivaji Patil022-47488295
Deputy Chief Executive Officer – 3 (Marathawada)Smt Sonali Mule022-47485615
Deputy Chief Executive Officer – 4 (Vidarbha)Shri Upendra Tamore022-47488306
Additional Collector (Rehab) (Additional)Shri Jitendra Kakuste022-47488313
Chief Account OfficerShri Narayan Ringane022-47488310
Chief Engineer (HQ)Shri Prakash Chavan022-47488291
Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Environment)Shri Ravindra Pawar022-47488299
General Manager (Legal)Smt Smita Chawre022-47484681
Chief PlannerSmt Dr. Pratibha Bhadane022-47484686
Chief Fire OfficerShri Santosh Warik022-47484714
Technical AdvisorShri P.G. Rathod022-47488323
General Manager (Land)Shri Bappasaheb Thorat022-47485635
General Manager (Land Acquisition)Shri Sandeep Aher022-47484684
General Manager (Human Resource Development)Shri Tushar Mathakar022-47485604
General Manager (Marketing)Shri Ravindra Pawar022-47485609
General Manager (Public Relation)Shri Ravindra Pawar022-47484713
General Manager (Information Technology)Shri Vinod Jadhav022-47484717
List of MIDC Officers Maharashtra

Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) Board of Directors List

DesignationNameOffice NumberEmail
ChairmanHon. Shri. Uday SamantTel: 22025250
Fax: 22025362
[email protected]
Vice-ChairmanMinister for State (Industries)  
Member SecretaryDr. Vipin SharmaTel: 26870800
Fax: 22188203
Tel: 22151451, 22151452 (WTC)
Fax: 22188203 (WTC)
[email protected]
MemberPrincipal Secretary, Energy and Managing Director, Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB)Tel: 22026767, 22026767, 22619400
Fax: 22650741, 22619699
[email protected]
MemberManaging Director, SICOMTel: 28392009/66572700, 66572790
Fax: 28391388
[email protected]
MemberManaging Director, Maharashtra State Finance Corporation (MSFC)Tel:22691877/74
Fax: 22691915, 22691910
[email protected]
MemberVice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, MHADATel: 26592492, 66405401
Fax: 26590490
[email protected]
Special InviteePrincipal Secretary, IndustryTel: 22025393, 22027281
Fax: 22824446
[email protected]
Special InviteeDevelopment Commissioner IndustryTel: 22023584, 22028616
Fax: 22026826
[email protected]
MIDC Officers and Board of Directors List

List of MIDC Offices in Maharashtra PDF

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