List of Train Accidents in India Since 1950 To 2024 and Train Accident Death List in Odisha

The "List of Train Accidents in India" provides a comprehensive record of unfortunate incidents that have occurred on the Indian railway network, this list documents various train accidents throughout the years, highlighting the scale of the challenges faced by the railway system in terms of safety and security

List Of Train Accidents In India

Train accidents can be categorized based on their impact, including head-on collisions, rear-end collisions, side collisions, derailments, fires, explosions, and more. Another classification method is based on the causes of the accidents, such as errors made by drivers and signalmen, mechanical failures in rolling stock, tracks, and bridges, acts of vandalism, sabotage, and terrorism, misuse of level crossings and trespassing, natural factors like flooding and fog, dangers associated with the transportation of hazardous goods, effectiveness of brakes, and adequacy of operating rules. These classifications help in understanding the different factors that contribute to railway accidents and in formulating preventive measures.

In India, the most catastrophic railway incident was the Bihar train disaster, claiming the lives of over 750 people. It was closely followed by the Firozabad rail disaster, resulting in the tragic loss of 358 lives. Another devastating event was the Odisha train collision in 2023, where over 290 people were killed. The Gaisal train disaster claimed 285 lives, while the Khanna rail disaster resulted in the unfortunate demise of 212 individuals. Additionally, the 2002 Rajdhani Express accident caused the death of 200 people. The 1964 Rameswaram cyclone led to the Pamban Bridge accident, claiming over 150 lives. Lastly, the Jnaneswari Express train derailment tragically resulted in the loss of 148 lives. Complete list of train accidents in India is given below year wise

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List of Train Accidents in India 1950s

DateAccident DescriptionDeathsInjuries
12 April 1950The Kumaon Express derailed and crashed into a river50N/A
7 May 1950A train plunged off a bridge in Bihar81100
3 September 1951The Sharanpur Express derailed near Delhi1030
June 1953A passenger train collided with a freight train550
4 January 1954A passenger train derailed near Bhatinda1540
31 March 1954Explosives on a passenger train detonated near Gorakhpur3132
15 September 1954A train crashed into a truck at a crossing1018
27 September 1954Derailment of 319 Down Express between Jangaon and Raghunathpalli136N/A
28 September 1954A train crashed into the Yasanti river due to a collapsed bridge139100+
2 September 1956A bridge collapsed under a train between Jadcherla and Mahbubnager12522
23 November 1956Madras-Tuticorin Express plunged into a river from a weakened embankment104100
2 June 1957A passenger train crashed into a stationary train in Bombay1853
23 July 1957Tatanagar Train collision on the Adityapur-Tatanagar sectionN/AN/A
19 August 1957Accident involving Howrahbound Janata Express between Palasa and Pundi stations49 (serious injuries)
21 August 1957Explosion of wagon loaded with crackers at Katpadi Junction512
8 November 1957Train collision at Kosma Railway Station on the Shikohabad-Farukhabad Broad Gauge single line sectionN/AN/A
23 November 1957Derailment of four coaches of Bombay-Calcutta Mail near Padali954
21 May 1958Derailment of an express train near Chamaraj3141
List of Train Accidents in India

List of Train Accidents in 1960S

DateAccident DescriptionDeathsInjuries
4 January 1961Two passenger trains collided head-on near Umeshnagar3561
8 March 1961A passenger train and freight train collided between Kalihar and Bihar1137
20 October 1961The Ranchi Express derailed 200 km (120 mi) from Kolkata47N/A
22 July 1962The Howrah bound Punjab Mail crashed into a goods train at Dumraon railway station100+N/A
12 November 196225 passengers riding on the roof of a train were struck by a bridge girderN/AN/A
22 July 1963Udyan Abha Toofan Express derailed at Etmadpur near Tundla Junction100+N/A
23 December 1964The Pamban–Dhanuskodi passenger train was washed away by the Rameswaram cyclone126+N/A
19 June 1965A freight train collided with a train carrying railway workers about 800 km (500 mi) from Mumbai15N/A
16 February 1966A Mail Express train in Assam was bombed by Naga separatists27N/A
20 April 1966A train at the Lumding railway station was bombed by Naga separatists55127
23 April 1966A train at the Diphu railway station was bombed by Naga separatists4060
13 June 1966Two passenger trains collided near Matunga railway station57100
19 March 1968The Bangalore-bound Deccan Express and Birur–Hubli passenger train collided at Yalvigi station5342
4 February 1969Passengers riding on the top of a train were swept off by the girders of a bridge near Madras3250
21 June 1969Six passenger cars of an express crashed and left the tracks, plunging into Magari River in Muhammadabad70130
14 July 1969A freight train crashed into a stationary passenger train at Jaipur85130
Train Accidents in India

Accidents Train List in India in 1970S

28 April 1970CollisionCollision of 31 Up Barauni Kanpur Passenger Train at Lucknow Junction of Northern Railway.
29 May 1970DerailmentDerailment of 18up Delhi-Madras Janata Express Train at Talamanchi Station, South Central Railway.
28 September 1970DerailmentDerailment of 6 Down Amritsar-Howrah Mail at Karna Station, Northern Railway.
26 October 1970CollisionHead-on Collision between 1 Ajd Up Passenger Train and 456 Down Goods Train at Khurja Jn. Station of Northern Railway.
31 October 1970CollisionCollision between No.1 Down Madras-Mangalore Mail and No.19 Down Madras Cochin Mail at Perambur Station of Southern Railway.
5 November 1970CollisionCollision of Down Diesel Erb Special 1 with 46 Down (Hyderabad-Howrah Express) between Retang and Bhubaneswar Stations on the East Coast Main Line of the South Eastern Railway.
6 January 1971CollisionCollision between R 81 Up Ranaghat Local and T151 Up Barasat Local Trains at Dum Dum Jn. Station of Eastern Railway.
25 April 1971CollisionHead-on Collision between No. 102 Do-4 Up Goods Train and No. 395 Wardha Kazipet Passenger Train Near Asifabad Road Station of the South Central Railway.
26 June 1971Accident228 Up Borivli-Churchgate Suburban Train met with an accident at Goregaon Yard of Western Railway.
6 July 1971CollisionHead-On collisions, First between Up and Down Light Engines and then Between SD 103 Up Passenger Train and the Up Light Engine between Hotar and Magra Hat Stations of Eastern Railway.
1970S Train Accidents in India List
25 April 1971Head-on Collision between No. 102 Do-4 Up Goods Train and No. 395 Wardha Kazipet Passenger Train Near Asifabad Road Station of the South Central Railway.
26 June 1971228 Up Borivli-Churchgate Suburban Train met with an accident at Goregaon Yard of Western Railway.
6 July 1971Head-On collisions, First between Up and Down Light Engines and then Between SD 103 Up Passenger Train and the Up Light Engine between Hotar and Magra Hat Stations of Eastern Railway.
11 November 1971Lucknow Store Incharge V.K. Bisaria found dead at Railway Track in different pieces.
26 April 1972A train derailed in Mysore state, killing 21 and injuring 37.
28 June 1972Derailment of 222 Down Udaipur City-Marwar Jn. Passenger Train Between Phulad and Marwar Ranawas Stations of Western Railway.
27 July 1973Collision of 87 Up South Bihar Express with The Rear of 5 Up Howrah Amritsar Mail at Km. 291.767 between Joramow Block Hut and Madhupur Junction Station of Eastern Railway.
12 December 1973Rear end Collision between 358 Up Itarsi-Bhusaval Passenger and Stationary Goods Train No.L-30 Up at Burhanpur Station of Central Railway.
21 February 1974A passenger train crashed into a freight train at Moradabad, killing 41 and injuring 63.
9 March 1974Derailment of 662 Up Mixed Train between Sillipur and Birpur Stations on Sheopur Kalan Gwalior Narrow Gauge Section of Jhansi Division on Central Railway.
2 July 1974Rear-End Collision of 55 Up Patna Delhi Express with Stationary Up Amritsar Special Goods at Chandausi Junction Station of Northern Railway.
12 November 1974Fire on 311 Up Sealdah Samastipur Fast Passenger between Rampur Dumra and Hatidih Link Cabin on Danapur Division of Eastern Railway.
26 February 1975Derailment of 59up Kamrup Express between New Jalpaiguri and Ambari Falakata Stations of Northeast Frontier Railway.
11 July 1975Collision of 6 Up Punjab Mail with Up Diesel Special Goods Train at Khirkiya Station of Central Railway.
29 January 1975Collision of 43 Up Darjeeling Mail with the rear of H. 185 Up HABRA Local on the Up Main Line at Ultadanga Road Station on Eastern Railway.
26 March 1975Derailment of 365 Up Sealdah Lalgola Passenger Train at the Up Facing Points of Birnagar Station at 89/14-16 on Sealdah Lalgola Section of Eastern Railway.
26 November 1975Derailment of No.20 Up Dehra Dun Express at Virar Station on The Valsad-Bombay Central Broad Gauge Section of Western Railway.
6 January 1976Derailment of No.20 Up Cochin Harbour Terminus Madras Central Mail between Mukundarayapuram and Walajah Road Junction Stations of Southern Railway.
24 May 1976Collision of Kurla Wiring Train with The Rear of N-9 Down Local Train on The Down Main Line at ES. 23/12 between Vikhroli and Kanjur Marg Stations on the Bombay Kalyan B.G. Section of Central Railway.
14 July 1976Derailment of 234 Down Mixed Train between Golaghat and Furkating M.G. Section of Tinsukia Division of Northeast Frontier Railway.
30 August 1976Derailment of 59 Up Kamrup Express at Km 195/ 1-4 between Samsi and Bhaluka Droad Stations on Malda Town New Jalpaiguri Broad Gauge Section of Katihar Division of Northeast Frontier Railway.
11 October 1976Derailment of 23 Up Patna Hatia Express between Silli and Kita Stations on Muri Hatia Section of South Eastern Railway.
23 October 1976Derailment 5 of No. 371 Sown Suburban Train at Bandra Station of the Bombay Suburban Section of Western Railway.
17 November 1976Double collision, first of Oja Special Goods Train with the rear of Wjd-12 Up Goods Train and subsequently of No. 78up Vijayawada Madras Parcel Passenger with the rear of the Oja Special Goods Train between the Up Distance and Up Home signals of Srivenkateswarapalem of South Central Railway.
7 February 1977Derailment of 104 Down Kathgodam Bareilly Passenger in The Catch Siding at Haldwani Station of Izzatnagar Division of North Eastern Railway.
25 March 1977Collision of Up BPQD Goods Train with the rear of No.76up Waltair Kazipet Passenger Train on the Up Main Line of Kesamudram Station on Vijayawada Kazypet Bg Double Line Section of South Central Railway.
20 April 1977Derailment of 367 Up Sealdah-Lalgola Passenger Train at Km. 52/27-53/II, in Madanpur Station Yard, on Sealdah Ranaghat Section in Sealdah Division of Eastern Railway.
27 May 1977Collision of No. 20 Up Trivandrum Central Madras Central Mail Train with two Coupled Light Engines at Km. 117/4-5 in Tiruvalam Station Yard on the Jolarpettai Madras Double Line Broad Gauge Section of Southern Railway.
30 May 1977A bridge across the Beki river near Guwahati collapsed under 13 Up Tezpur Express, killing at least 45 people and injuring 100.
4 August 1977Derailment of 2 Dsu Passenger Train at Modinagar Station of Delhi Division of Northern Railway.
10 October 1977Collision between 103 Up Howrah-Amritsar Deluxe Express Train and Up CPC Special Goods Train at Naini Station on Allahabad Division of Northern Railway at 00.15 Hrs
17 October 1977Derailment of No.107 Down Madras Rameswaram Passenger Train between Paramakkudi and Pandikanmoi Stations on the ManamaduraiRameswaram Single Line Meter Gauge Section of Southern Railway.
9 November 1977Collision of No. 385 Down Bhusaval Nagpur Passenger Train with Coupled Light Engines of No.D-30 Up Goods Train on The Down Main Line of Akola Station on The Bhusaval Badnera Double Line Broad Gauge Section of Central Railway.
23 November 1977A passenger train derailed near Rewari, probably due to sabotage of the rail tracks. 20 people were killed and 21 others seriously injured.
9 February 1978Collision of No. 38 Down Madras Howrah Janata Express with the Rear of No. Jbd-Ii Down Goods Train on the Down Loop Line of Vedayapalem Station on the Gudur Bitragunta Double Line Broad Gauge Section of The South Central Railway.
18 April 19787 Dn Bombay Ahmedabad Janta Express crashed into the rear of 537 Down Churchgate Virar Suburban Train at Bassain Road station in Bombay, killing 30 and injuring 60.
26 August 1978Collision between Madras New Delhi Grand Trunk Express Train and A Run Away Box Wagon between Tondalagopavaram & Errupalem Stations on Vijaywada Kazipet Section of South Central Railway.
18 September 1978No.40up Ahmedabad Bombay Passenger Train met with an accident at Valsad Station on The Surat Bombay Central Broad Gauge Double Line Route of Western Railway.
11 October 1978Collision between No. 316up Miraj Pune Passenger and M-32 LNN Down Diesel Goods between Bhavani Nagar and Takari Stations of The Miraj Pune B.G. Single Line Section of South Central Railway.
4 November 19781 Up Howrah Kalka mail derailed between Baruipara and Kamarkundu of eastern railway.
11 November 1978Collision between No. 316up Miraj Pune Passenger and M-32 LNN Down Diesel Goods between Bhavani Nagar and Takari Stations of the Miraj Pune B.G. Single Line Section of South Central Railway.
21 December 19782636 UP Madurai – Madras Vaigai Superfast Express dashed against two boulders between Talanallur and Vridhachalam Town station of Chord line.
12 May 1979Derailment of 3 Pn Up (Pathankot-Nagrota) Passenger Train at Km. 37/5-6 between Talara and Jawanwala Shah Stations on Pathankot Joginder Nagar Narrow Gauge Section in Firozpur Division of Northern Railway.
18 May 1979Collision of K. 121 Up Howrah-Kharagur Local with the rear of 3 Up Howrah-Madras Mail at Km.25/25-27 on the Up Line between Bauria and Chengail Stations.
26 October 1979Rear End Collision between Electric Multiple Unit Trains No. E-65 and No.E-67 on The Down Suburban Line at Madras Egmore Station on Madras Beach Tambaram Suburban Meter Gauge Section of Southern Railway.
14 November 1979Two trains collided near Matunga, killing 5 and injuring 50.
22 November 1979Derailment of 6 Up Bg Saurashtra (Viramgam Bombay Central) Mail at Sabarmati and subsequent collision of 24down Mg Somnath (Ahmedabad Veraval) Mail with The Derailed Luggage Van of 6 Up Mail.
3 December 1979Derailment of No. 204 Down Miraj Bangalore Mahalaxmi Express Train Near Lalhond Halt Station between Desur and Khanapur Stations of the Miraj Hubli Meter Gauge Section of South Central Railway.
8 December 1979Collision of No. T-181 Down Bombay V.T. Thane Suburban Train with No.Tl-31 Down Bombay V.T. Titvala Suburban train at Km. 21/3-4 between Ghatkopar and Vikhroli Quadruple Line Broad Gauge Suburban Section of Bombay Division, Central Railway.
23 December 19791 Dn Avadh-Trihut Mail crashed into the rear of the standing 26 Dn Guwahati Dhubri passenger train near Sarupeta, killing 18 and injuring 25
List of Train Accidents in India

1980S List of Train Accidents in India

12 February 1981A freight train, the No. 20 Madras Mail from Trivandrum Central Trivandrum Mail, and the Yercaud Express collided with each other while on the same route in Vaniyambadi, 200 km (120 mi) from Chennai.
6 June 1981The Bihar train derailment occurred when a train fell into the river Bagmati while crossing a bridge, killing between 300 and 800 people.
16 July 1981A freight train collided with the back of a Narmada Express in Madhya Pradesh, between Khodri and Bhanwar Tonk station, killing 50 people and injuring 49.
19 July 1981A train traveling to Ahmedabad from New Delhi derailed in Gujarat, killing 30 people and injuring 70. Sabotage was blamed.
31 July 1981Six coaches of a train derail near Bahawalpur, killing 43 and injuring 50.
27 January 1982A freight train and an express passenger train collided head-on in heavy fog near Agra, killing 50 and injuring 50.
20 March 1982A Mangalore–New Delhi train collided with a tourist bus at a level crossing in Andhra Pradesh, killing at least 59 people on the bus and injuring 25 others.
10 February 1984The 2 DR (Rohtak–Delhi) train collided into the rear coaches of the stationary 38 Down Punjab Mail on platform No. 3 of Bahadurgarh station in Haryana, killing 43 and injuring 58.
15 September 1984Jabalpur Gondia passenger mishap occurred when a passenger train sunk in river near Charegaon, Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh, killing over 150 people.
22 November 1984Mumbai local rail disaster occurred where one train collided with another train at Byculla railway station.
23 February 1985Rajnandgaon train fire occurred when an express train caught fire in Madhya Pradesh, killing over 50 people.
13 June 1985Agra rail disaster involved a collision at Agra between an express and a goods train, killing 38 people.
10 March 1986Khagaria rail disaster involved a collision in Bihar, killing over 50 people.
8 July 1987Machieral rail disaster involved the derailment of the Delhi–Dakshin Express at Macherial, Andhra Pradesh, killing 53.
15 March 1987Rockfort Express (Chennai–Tiruchi) plunged into a dry riverbed when a bomb exploded on a bridge over the Marudaiyar, near Ariyalur. 25 people were killed and several others injured.
18 April 1988Lalitpur rail disaster involved a train derailment near Lalitpur, killing 75.
8 July 1988Peruman railway accident occurred when the Island Express (Bangalore City–Kanyakumari) derailed on the Peruman bridge and fell into Ashtamudi Lake, killing 105 people and injuring around 200.
14 May 1989Karnataka Express derailed, killing 69.
1 November 1989Udyan Abha Toofan Express derailed in Sakaldiha, Uttar Pradesh killing at least
Train Accidents in India

Train Accidents in India 2020 to 2023

  • 8 May 2020 – Aurangabad railway accident: 16 migrant workers sleeping on rail tracks were killed when a goods train ran over them between Jalna and Aurangabad districts.
  • 22 July 2020 – 3 railway employees from Hyderabad died after a double engine train ran over them. The incident took place between Vikarabad and Chittigadda railway station. The incident raised concerns about the safety of the railway employees and seems to be due to negligence from higher authorities.
  • The parcel bogey of Malabar Express caught fire between Varkala and Paravur near Edavai railway station with no casualties.
  • Two railway employees died after they were run over by a speeding express train when they were engaged in their routine track inspection work in Telangana’s Mahabubabad district. They were working on track-1 when they noticed a train approaching on the track. They crossed to track-2 for safety. However, they failed to notice another train – Konark Superfast Express approaching on track-2 and were fatally hit by it.
  • Two railway employees were fatally hit by a goods train while repairing a railway signal near Ambur railway station of Southern Railways. Reason for the accident stated by Railway Protection Force is due to heavy rain they couldn’t hear the sound of the train at the same time loco pilot didn’t have a clear visibility to spot them.
  • Four coaches including the pantry car of Guwahati-Howrah Saraighat COVID Special Train derailed at Chaygaon railway station on 25 August 2021.
  • Coaches of the Bikaner–Guwahati Express derailed near New Domohani railway station at around 4:50 pm on 13 January 2022, causing 9 dead.
  • Pawan Express derails near Nashik on 3 April causing two injuries.
  • 25 March 2022 – Two Trackmen were fatally hit by 22209 Mumbai–New Delhi Duronto Express when they were engaged in their track inspection work between Navsari and Maroil Railway Station, they failed to notice the approaching train and at the same loco pilot didn’t have a clear visibility due to Heavy Fog.
  • 2 January 2023 – 11 coaches of Suryanagri Express derailed five minutes after it left Marwar Junction railway station at 3:27 am. 10 injured, 0 killed.
  • 3 April 2023 – Eight passengers sustained burn injuries after an unidentified person set co-passengers on fire on board an express train in Elathur, Kozhikode, Kerala which was bound for Kannur. Later in the incident, three people including a two-year-old girl, were found dead on railway track.
  • 15 May 2023 – One coach of Chennai-Bangalore Double Decker Express heading towards Bengaluru derailed near Bisnattam station at around 11:30 am. No injuries or casualties reported.
  • 2 June 2023 – 2023 Balasore train collision; Train number 12841 Coromandel Express collides with a freight train in Odisha’s Balasore district. The accident happened around 19:20 IST near Bahanaga Bazar station when the train was on the way to Chennai Central from Shalimar railway station near Kolkata. More than 15 coaches were derailed. Over 900 were injured and more than 200 people have been reported to have died. Train number 12864 SMVT-Howrah Superfast Express travelling towards Howrah hit the derailed coaches of the Coromandel Express and ended up derailing some of its own coaches. A total of three trains were involved in this mishap.

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