Union Bank Charges List PDF | General Service Charges Union Bank of India PDF 2024

The Union Bank charges list is available on the bank's website and can be obtained at any Union Bank branch, customers are advised to carefully read through the charges list and seek clarification from the bank's customer service representatives if necessary

Union Bank Charges List

Union Bank is one of the leading banks in Nigeria, providing various financial services to its customers. Like other financial institutions, Union Bank has a list of charges that it levies on its customers for using its products and services. The charges list covers different types of transactions and services offered by the bank.

The Union Bank charges list includes fees for account maintenance, ATM withdrawals, chequebook requests, fund transfers, and many more. For example, the bank charges N50 for every ATM withdrawal made on non-Union Bank ATMs, and N10 for each SMS alert received by customers. Account maintenance fees range from N1,200 to N5,000 per annum, depending on the account type.
It is important for customers to be aware of the charges associated with their accounts to avoid unexpected charges and fees.

Union Bank Charges List

Union Bank of India schedule of Service Charges pertaining to advances (excluding GST)

Sr. No.ParticularsService Charges (excluding GST)
1. Processing Charges on Working Capital (FB/NFB) – Fresh Sanctions / Review / Renewal 
 i.upto Rs.25,000NIL
 ii. Above Rs.25,000 – Rs.2.00 lacs400 per proposal
 iii. Above Rs.2.00 lacs – Rs.10.00 lacs300 per lac or part thereof minimum Rs.1000
iv. Above Rs.10.00 lacs350 per lac or part thereof
For Priority Sector – maximum 30 lacs,
For other advances – No cap
v.   No processing charges for MSE loan upto Rs.5.00 Lacs, agriculture loan upto Rs. 3 Lacs and advance to SHG & JLG upto Rs.3.00 Lacs.
vi.  No processing charges on BGs/LCs backed by 100% and above cash/FDR margin (self/third party FDR of our Bank)
vii.   50% concession in processing charges on advances against Govt. securities, UTI/Mutual fund Units, NSCs, Life Insurance Policies, KVPs, IVPs, RIBs.
viii.   No processing charges for Bills Discounted under LC of reputed / Prime Bank on regular / ad-hoc limit.
 2.Adhoc sanctions150% of normal charges for actual period of adhoc limit
3.  Upfront recovery of processing feesRs.1.00 cr and above – 50% before handing over the sanction letter to the customer & remaining 50% at the time of documentation
Below Rs.1.00 crore: 100% at the time of documentation
4.Refund of Processing feesa. 75% of the charges recovered at the time of handing over the sanction letter to be refunded if sanction is not agreed when conveyed.
b. However, if the consent / acceptance or otherwise for limit sanctioned is not given within 2 weeks from conveying of sanction by branch, the processing charges recovered upfront will be forfeited.
c. Processing charges recovered by the Bank on completion of documentation will not be refunded whether limit is availed fully or not.
d. In case limits allocated in a consortium arrangement is lower than the sanctioned limit, the processing charge will be recovered on allotted limit as per documentation and excess processing charges, if any will be refunded by the Bank.
Note: If concession is approved at the time of the supply of service and transaction value is net of discount, GST needs to be paid only on the transaction value. If concession is subsequently given, GST already paid should not be refunded.
II.Processing charges on Term Loan / DPGL / Demand Loan (including schematic loans)
5At the time of sanction
Upto Rs. 25000NIL
Above 25000 – Rs.2 lacsRs.1000/- per loan
Above 2 lacs – 5 crores1.30% of limit subject to minimum Rs.3000
Above 5 crores – 25 crores1.10% of limit subject to minimum Rs.7 lac
Above 25 crs1% of the limit subject to minimum Rs.30 lacs For priority sector – max Rs.100 lacs For other advances – No cap No processing charges for MSE loan upto Rs.5.00Lacs.
Union Bank Charges List

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Union Bank Charges List PDF

Download Union Bank charges list pdf and schedule of service charges on Inland transactions w.e.f 10/06/2016 from below link.



For more details of Union Bank charges list visit Union bank of India official website


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